How can I improve my JEE mock test score?

How can I improve my JEE mock test score?

Make a notebook containing your mistakes.

  1. Analyze your tests to learn from your mistakes. Take a look at each test and assess if there’s anything you can do to improve your score.
  2. Talk to your teacher about your problems/ doubts/ weak areas.
  3. Be well prepared for the upcoming tests.
  4. Make a notebook containing your mistakes.

How do I analyze my JEE mock test?

Best way to practice solving mock tests

  1. Sit at stretch for 3 hours while solving the mock test, just like you will do in JEE.
  2. Keep a water bottle with you.
  3. Ask all your family members to avoid disturbing you while you are solving a mock test.
  4. Solve the mock test as per the timings of the actual exam.
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How can I focus on JEE preparation?

How to stay focused during IIT JEE preparation?

  1. Stay Highly Focused While Studying.
  2. Keep Yourself away from Social Media.
  3. Take short breaks in between.
  4. Study More During Your Productive Hours.
  5. Stay Hydrated to Memorize Fast.
  6. Keep an eye on the time.
  7. Believe in the power of Meditation.
  8. Invest time in Stretching & Exercises.

How can I study for concentration on JEE?

Here are the six tips that will improve your concentration in studies for JEE/ NEET.

  1. Set a schedule for your preparation.
  2. Stop procrastinating, build a study habit.
  3. Focus on small goals.
  4. Get back on track when you slip.
  5. Do your best study when you’re most alert.
  6. Take short breaks in long study hours.

How can I increase my marks in JEE Main 2021?

8 Point Strategy to Improve Your JEE Main Score

  1. Make sure your JEE Main syllabus is complete.
  2. Analyse JEE Main test paper.
  3. What went wrong – Speed or Accuracy?
  4. Identify the weak topics.
  5. Master concepts and the way of solving problems.
  6. Continue test practicing.
  7. Solve previous years JEE Main papers (Do it again)
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Is calculator allowed in JEE Advanced?

No, you cannot use calculators in jee mains or jee advanced, you have to do all the calculations on your own.