How many times we should recite Om Namah Shivaya?

How many times we should recite Om Namah Shivaya?

Traditionally it is repeated 108 times a day while keeping count on a strand of rudraksha beads. This practice is called japa yoga. It is freely sung and chanted by everyone, but it is most powerful when given by one’s guru.

How can I get boon from Lord Shiva?

“ Worship Shiva with red flowers and do Abhishekam 21 days by eating once in a day”That will make any good boon happen .

Can Lord Shiva change destiny?

Lord Shiva is one of the prominent trinity gods in Hindu mythology. As the only God who can change the law of destiny, he is considered to modify the course of life & events to fulfill his devotees’ wish.

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Does Lord Shiva punish?

Yes, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva shall punish people, even their own devotees, who insult and distinguish between the 2, because they are both the same Brahman in 2 different forms.

How long does it take to get the boon of Lord Shiva?

This article though entitled so, is my discovery over the 35 years or more of a ‘Tantra’ or technique to win over any odd situation in life and achieve the boon of Lord Shiva, right here, right now within a very short space of time, in some cases within seven days and in some cases within four months!

How to pray to Lord Shiva in Hinduism?

In your right hand, take some grains of rice, a few drops of water, money and flower. Now, meditate upon Lord Ganesh, your spiritual teacher (Guru), all the Gods with the Gayatri mantra (I am sure you know this mantra); meditate upon Devi Parvati (the consort of Lord Shiva) and then finally upon Lord Shiva.

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Why is the Sankalp falling on the feet of Lord Shiva?

Lord Shiva is said to reside in Ishan direction. Hence, the Sankalp is falling on feet of Lord Shiva. This dropping of the ingredients from you palm through the fingers on the ground begins your fasting and vow! The vow is complete! This is the purpose of your fasting for sixteen Mondays!