How much does liquid nitrogen cost?

How much does liquid nitrogen cost?

The price of liquid nitrogen tends to vary between $. 06USD and $1.50USD per liter. Prices may be higher at a local retailer, however, and many places will require a minimum amount to purchase. Make sure to confirm the price before getting your dewar filled!

How much does a ton of liquid nitrogen cost?

The liquid nitrogen’s average price was $378/ton.

Can normal people buy liquid nitrogen?

As it turns out, you don’t have to have any special licenses or anything to purchase the super cold liquid, but you will need a well-insulated container. Check out the video above to learn a little more about the process of purchasing liquid nitrogen.

How much does a tank of nitrogen cost?

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What is the average cost of nitrogen?

The nitrogen fertilizer had an average price of $735 per ton. Anhydrous was up 22\% compared to the prior month. The nitrogen fertilizer had an average price of $940/ton.

Is liquid nitrogen cheap?

Liquid nitrogen is actually very inexpensive. The expensive part of using liquid nitrogen, however, is a dewar to contain it and other safety equipment (like gloves, tongs and safety glasses). Dewars keep the nitrogen cold but stay room temperature on the outside so you can pick them up.

How much does nitrogen cost per pound?

On a price per pound of nitrogen basis, the average urea price was at $0.80/lb. N, anhydrous $0.57/lb. N, UAN28 $0.81/lb. N and UAN32 $0.77/lb.

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Is pure nitrogen expensive?

Nitrogen is abundant in the atmosphere (78 percent of air is nitrogen), which makes it easy to provide an unlimited supply of high-purity nitrogen through fractional distillation of air, at a much lower cost (about $30/1Mcf).