Is methyl ethyl ketone the same as methyl ethyl ketone peroxide?

Is methyl ethyl ketone the same as methyl ethyl ketone peroxide?

MEKP is a colorless, oil. It is widely used in vulcanization (crosslinking) of polymers. It is derived from the reaction of methyl ethyl ketone and hydrogen peroxide. Several products result from this reaction including a cyclic dimer….Methyl ethyl ketone peroxide.

Chemical formula C8H18O6
Molar mass 210.226 g·mol−1

Is methyl ethyl ketone a ketone?

Butanone, also known as methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), is an organic compound with the formula CH3C(O)CH2CH3. This colourless liquid ketone has a sharp, sweet odor reminiscent of acetone. It is produced industrially on a large scale, but occurs in nature only in trace amounts.

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Why is MEK banned?

On March 30, 1998, EPA denied the petition based on the conclusion that Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), such as MEK, contribute to the formation of tropospheric ozone which is known to cause significant adverse effects to human health and the environment.

How is methyl ethyl ketone peroxide made?

The invention provides a kind of method that use acid-exchange resin makees catalyst preparation methyl ethyl ketone peroxide, it is using butanone and hydrogen peroxide as raw material, catalyst is made with acid-exchange resin, using dibutyl phthalate as diluent, after constant temperature stirring reaction, standing …

What is the proper shipping name for methyl ethyl ketone?

SHIPPING NAME: Flammable Liquids, N.O.S. (Toluene, Methyl ethyl ketone) UN/NA NUMBER: UN1993 PRIMARY HAZARD CLASS/DIVISION: 3 PACKING GROUP: II NOTE: Domestic shipments only.

What is the use of methyl ethyl ketone?

Methyl ethyl ketone is used in many industries. It is used as a solvent and in the manufacture of synthetic rubber, paraffin wax, and to make other chemical products. Some examples of workers at risk of being exposed to methyl ethyl ketone include the following: Workers who work in printing plants.

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What is methyl ketone used for?

Is methyl ethyl ketone hazardous?

* Exposure can cause dizziness, lightheadedness, headache, nausea, blurred vision, and may cause you to pass out. * Repeated high exposure can damage the nervous system and may affect the brain. * Methyl Ethyl Ketone is a FLAMMABLE LIQUID and a FIRE HAZARD.

Is all MEKP the same?

The one limiting factor is that all MEKP manufacturers are limited, by law, to a maximum content of active ingredients in a given formulation. The inactive ingredients, or diluents, consist of DMP, dimethyl phthalate, and/or TXIB, safety solvents, and small amounts of water, MEK, and glycol.