What are DGCA papers?

What are DGCA papers?

What are DGCA exams? DGCA Exams are not any entrance exams these are exams which every student pilot needs to pass for the issuance of cpl and you need to score a minimum of 70 marks in each subject.

What to do after passing DGCA?

After clearing these exams the candidate needs to do some skill test approx. 8-10 hrs in an Indian flying school. On completion of above conversion requirements and on the basis of the foreign CPL, DGCA issues an Indian CPL to the student.

How much does DGCA cost?

For the new `online on-demand’ exam, the fee per subject is Rs 5000. Similarly, for aircraft maintenance engineering (AME) students, the regular exam fee is Rs 1,500, while the new on-demand online exam will charge a fee of Rs 3000 per module.

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Is the DGCA exam good for a pilot?

About DGCA Exams The Directorate General of Civil Aviation exams are the most prestigious and heavily anticipated by pilot aspirants all around the country. known for its expertise in the field of academic excellence and decades of experience in study support.

Which is the best online question bank for the DGCA exam? is the best available online question bank & study guide for the DGCA CPL and ATPL exams, whichever Flight School you are training with created by India’s best Aviation Professionals and Pilots with more than 20 years of experience in flight training.

What are the best private sector pilot training academies in India?

CAE NFTI Gondia is one of the best and probably the best in private sector pilot training academies in India. With a vast fleet and well disciplined system of coaching, they stay undisputed in the position for years. They work closely with Indigo Airlines, one of the largest airlines in India, providing new pilots to their fleet.

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How to become a CPL in Indian Air Force?

For obtaining a CPL, you should enroll yourselves with any of the approved pilot training academies in India. You should be medically fit as per pilot standards in Class-1 medicals for pilots. Medical tests are conducted in DGCA approved hospitals and airforce centers for medicals.