What does na mean in Nigerian pidgin?

What does na mean in Nigerian pidgin?

na. (It) is. Used to describe something being something else.

What does Na so mean in pidgin?

It is so
Na so/Na so? This means ‘It is so’ or ‘I concur/ is that so? ‘No be so’ means ‘It is not so.

What does Yeye mean in pidgin?

Yeye: Definition: Useless and senseless:Of a person or a thing.

What does wetin mean?

Nigerian Pidgin From English what thing.

What does MA mean in Nigeria?

Among speakers of the Nguni languages, used as a woman’s title: a. ‘Mrs’; ‘Mother’; ‘Ma’ (prefixed to the woman’s surname or clan name). b. (Also in the Sotho languages.) ‘Mother of’, prefixed to the first name of one of the woman’s children (especially of her first-born son).

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What does Shey mean in pidgin?

Definition: Right? Or is. Example: Shey your mama day for house?

What is Shebi in English?

Definition: You agree? seeking approval. Example: That girl is really pretty shebi?

What does Sabi mean in pidgin?

to know
“Sabi” means “to know” or “to know how to”, just as “to know” is “saber” in Portuguese. (According to the monogenetic theory of pidgins, sabir was a basic word in Mediterranean Lingua Franca, brought to West Africa through Portuguese pidgin.

What is the difference between “Nigerian” and Alaye?

Firstly, there is nothing like “Nigerian” as a language. Nigeria has over 200 different local languages, not one common one. The common national language is not local. It is English or a derived form of it called “Pidgin English”. “ Alaye ” is a word from the Yoruba language spoken in South West Nigeria.

What does “Alaye” mean?

“Alaye” is a word from the Yoruba language spoken in South West Nigeria. “Ala” which is one of the means of referring to “Owner” in Yoruba and “Aiye” which means “Life” in Yoruba. So, literally, it means “owner of life”.

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What kind of person is Alaya?

Alaya is not one for violence but mess with her relationship or her family and get ready for the ass kicking of a life time. She will put her lovers needs before her own.She is very protective of the people she loves.

What does ‘I wan chop’ mean?

Unlike the English word, ‘chop’ which implies that something is being sliced or hacked; in pidgin it means ‘food’. So ‘I wan Chop’ or ‘I dey H’ means ‘I want to eat’ or ‘I am hungry.’ Hunger dey tear my belle. Hunger wan kill me.