What is special in pavagada?

What is special in pavagada?

The town is famous for its fort located on the hill, Kote Anjaneya temple at the foothills and also the temple of Sri Shani Mahatma. Pavagada Solar Park, Asia’s largest Solar park, is on a 4,000-hectare (10,000-acre) land near Thirumani village with the capacity to generate 2,000 MW solar electricity.

Who built Tumkur?

The Tumkur town municipality was set up by the Mysore Wodeyars in the 1916. Self-rule of the residents of Tumkur started after the setting up of the municipality. Tumkur was converted into a city corporation only in 2010 by adding 22 villages adjoining the city.

Why is Tumkur famous?

Also known as ‘Kalpataru Nadu’ (land of coconuts), the district is known for the production of coconuts. It is also a major education hub; home to Tumkur University and many colleges including medical, engineering, dental, degree and postgraduate colleges and many polytechnics.

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What is the meaning of Tumkur?

Tumkur. Tumkur (officially renamed as Tumakuru) is one of the industrial cities located in the state of Karnataka, also known as Shaikshanika Nagari (city of education) and Kalpatharu Nadu (land of coconut trees).

How many Hoblis are there in pavagada?

There are 153 villages and 1 towns in Pavagada Taluk. As per the Census India 2011, Pavagada Taluk has 55652 households, population of 245194 of which 123680 are males and 121514 are females….List of Villages in Pavagada.

Village Y.N.Hosakote
Population 12593
Literacy 69.12\%
Sex-ratio 961

What option was given to the farmers of pavagada in lieu of not selling their land?

In order to aid in the development of the region and reduce economic migration, Balram offered farmers the option to lease the land required for the project rather than purchase it outright. Landowners receive an annual payment of ₹21,000 (US$280) per acre under the terms of the lease which is valid for 25–35 years.

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Who is the present DC of Tumkur?

Patil Yalagouda Shivanagouda

Name Designation
Sri. Patil Yalagouda Shivanagouda , IAS Deputy Commissioner & District Magistrate
Channabasappa K , KAS Additional Deputy Commissioner & Additional District Magistrate
Dr.Vidya kumari K , IAS Chief Executive Officer
Rahul Kumar Shahapurwad , IPS Superintendent of Police

What is special food in Tumkur?

Some typical food famous in Tumkur includes Ragi roti, Akki roti, Bisi Bele Bath, Khara Bath, Devanagere Benne dosa, Ragi Mudde, vaangi Baath and Uppittu. The popular Masala dosa owes its foundation to Udupi cuisine.

Is pavagada is rural or urban?

The total area of Pavagada is 1361 with population density of 180 per Out of total population, 88.38\% of population lives in Urban area and 11.62\% lives in Rural area.

Which is the biggest solar power plant in Karnataka?

Pavagada Solar Park

Pavagada Solar Park
Country India
Location Pavagada taluk, Tumkur district, Karnataka
Coordinates 14.25°N 77.45°ECoordinates:14.25°N 77.45°E
Status Operational
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What is the Tumkur–Chitradurga NH 4 project?

The Tumkur–Chitradurga NH 4 Project caters to various types of traffic, including urban, suburban and regional traffic.

How many talukas are there in Tumakuru district?

It is a part of the Tumkur district with its ten talukas namely, Tumkur, Sira, Turuvakere, Kunigal, Tiptur, Madhugiri, Koratagere, Chikkanayakanahalli, Gubbi and Pavagada, with its district headquarters in Tumkur city. (Source: Tumakuru district at a glance- 2013-14. Government of Karnataka.)

Where is Chitradurga district located?

Chitradurga district is located on the valley of the Vedavati river and in the heart of the Deccan Plateau at a distance of 202 kms from Bengaluru and spread across 6 taluks – Chitradurga, Hiriyur, Hosadurga, Holalkere, Challakere and Molakalmuru. (Source: Chitradurga district at a glance- 2014-15.

Why is Tumukur called Coconut city?

Tumakuru, commonly known as tumkur, is a small industrial city about 70 km from Bengaluru. It is also known as the ‘Coconut City’ due to numerous palm trees found in this town. Tumukur is located northwest of Bengaluru at an elevation of 2696 feet or 822 meters.