Who is the most popular German artist?

Who is the most popular German artist?

German Artists

  • Rammstein. 2,010,995 listeners.
  • Die Ärzte. 466,877 listeners.
  • Kraftwerk. 1,067,796 listeners.
  • OOMPH! 430,481 listeners.
  • Wir sind Helden. 408,604 listeners.
  • Die Toten Hosen. 424,466 listeners.
  • In Extremo. 290,916 listeners.
  • Guano Apes. 1,019,410 listeners.

Who is the best German musician?

The Top 10 German music acts of the new millennium

  • # 10: Zedd. Russian-German producer Anton Zaslavski, aka Zedd, isn’t even 30 but he’s already an electro superstar.
  • # 9: Robin Schulz.
  • # 8: Tokio Hotel.
  • # 7: Paul van Dyk.
  • # 6: Sarah Connor.
  • # 5: Crazy Frog.
  • # 4: ATB.
  • # 3: Cascada.

Is Van Gogh German?

Vincent van Gogh, in full Vincent Willem van Gogh, (born March 30, 1853, Zundert, Netherlands—died July 29, 1890, Auvers-sur-Oise, near Paris, France), Dutch painter, generally considered the greatest after Rembrandt van Rijn, and one of the greatest of the Post-Impressionists.

Who is a famous German artist?

A Timeline of Famous German Artists

Artist Lifetime Art Period
Max Beckmann 1884-1950 New Objectivity, German Expressionism
Karl Schmidt-Rottluff 1884-1976 Expressionism, German Expressionism
Hans Arp 1886-1966 Dadaist and Abstract Painter
Kurt Schwitters 1887-1948 Dadaism, Surrealism, Modern Art
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What art is Germany known for?

Germany has it all: the mostly sacral German art and architecture of the Middle Ages (e.g. the cathedrals of Worms and Freiburg), the flourishing Renaissance arts and Baroque splendor (e.g. the residences of Landshut and Würzburg), and the elegant classicist and playful art nouveau buildings.