How much does a Monstercat license cost?

How much does a Monstercat license cost?

What does Monstercat Gold cost? Gold is just $7.49/month! That means you have unlimited access to thousands of our tracks. With this subscription, you can claim 100\% of your revenue from streaming and videos… it more than pays for itself in a single month!

Is music from Monstercat copyright free?

Monstercat Twitch Channel – A 24/7 VoD friendly music stream. If Monstercat music accounts for the majority of music used in your stream, we ask that you link to MachinimaSound. MachinimaSound – Legacy tracks are free to use with crediting the artist, view them here.

Can you use Monstercat on Twitch?

Monstercat Gold only supports content on YouTube and Twitch. If you would like to feature Monstercat music in a video on another platform or website, you will need a Commercial Sync License.

How much does Monstercat gold cost?

Currently, members pay $5 USD a month for the program, and the proceeds directly go to Monstercat artists. Artists are able to continue pursuing their music with the monetary support of content creators and fans through the label.

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What is Monstercat streamer mode?

Twitch’s new partnership with Monstercat allows streamers to skip the wait to become Affiliates while providing them with claim-free music.

How do I contact Monstercat?

Want to connect?

  1. Support Inquiries. [email protected].
  2. Press Inquiries. [email protected].
  3. Event Inquiries. [email protected].

How much money do Monstercat artists make?

Its music video has amassed over 1.1 billion views combined across YouTube, including a label record 161 million views on Monstercat’s YouTube channel as of December 2019. These views contributed to the artist earning $21 million the year after the video’s release.

What is streamer mode Monstercat?

With a Monstercat Gold subscription, streamers will have access to individual music licensing. This gives subscribers access to thousands of high-quality songs to use on stream. “This alignment further empowers content creators by opening access to premium music and monetization for their channel.