Why does the US military have so many medals?

Why does the US military have so many medals?

The US military is constantly deployed, all over the world. All that conflict makes for a lot of ribbons. I think it lies in this. The full size medal (that many other countries wear on their uniforms) make it hard to wear very many.

Which country has highest military award?

The Medal of Honor
DESCRIPTION OF MEDALS. The Medal of Honor is the highest military decoration that may be awarded by the United States government.

Can US soldiers wear foreign medals?

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The wear of foreign decorations may either be approved on a case-by-case basis or a general order may be declared allowing for blanket approval to all U.S. service members to wear a particular non-U.S. decoration. Such awards are always worn after all United States decorations and before international military awards.

Do officers get more medals?

The current medal gap actually has three dimensions. First, the different services have different criteria for the same medals. Second, support staff are rewarded more generously than are soldiers on the front lines. Third, officers receive medals that are superior to those given to the enlisted ranks.

What is the most prestigious Medal in the world?

List of highest military decorations

Country Name Number awarded
Spain Laureate Cross of Saint Ferdinand 336
Thailand Order of Rama
United Kingdom The Victoria Cross 1357 1354
United States Medal of Honor 3468 3449

Can officers wear GAFB?

Correct wear on the US Army uniform It can be worn by both enlisted and officers. The regulations for wear can be found on AR-670-1, section 29-19 part B.

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Can army officers wear foreign badges?

Evans, Jr., Commander, U.S. Army Cadet Command, declared that foreign badges “will not be authorized for wear on the Army uniform, unless the badge was presented as a result of the recipient’s participation in an official military exchange program in accordance with [Army Regulation 614-10].”

What are the different types of military awards for each service?

Each service has its own individual medals for its lower awards, e.g., Navy and Marine Corps/Air Force/Army Achievement medals. There are also “joint” versions of these for serving in joint commands. The DoD should create uniform standards for these and institute a “Military Achievement Medal,” “Military Commendation Medal,” etc.

Can I get a Military Commendation Medal as a device?

To avoid “stack” creep during the transition, anyone who already has an individual service medal would receive his Military Commendation Medal as a device on his existing service award. These medals are also awarded on wildly different difficulty scales.

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Does the military have a problem with personal awards?

Of course, the military also has issues with personal awards. The personal awards system is so convoluted that the only time anyone notices another’s personal awards is by their absence. “Ooh, he’s done two tours and doesn’t have a personal award?

Is the global War on Terrorism Service Medal useless?

A few years back, the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal joined the National Defense Service Medal in the pantheon of uselessness. It’s given to everyone serving in the military during the “War on Terror,” which one might think was already covered by the National Defense Service Medal, but apparently one medal wasn’t enough.