Why is my WiFi not working on my iPhone XS Max?

Why is my WiFi not working on my iPhone XS Max?

Toggle the switch to turn Airplane Mode On. This will disable all your wireless connections including WiFi. Restart or soft reset your iPhone XS Max max while Airplane mode is turned on. After rebooting the phone, go back to Settings > Airplane Mode and turn it Off.

How can I get better signal on my iPhone XS Max?

How to troubleshoot iPhone XS Max that keeps losing signal?

  1. First solution: Reboot your iPhone XS Max (Soft reset).
  2. Second solution: Update carrier settings on your iPhone XS Max.
  3. Third solution: Install the latest iOS update available for your iPhone XS Max.
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How do I increase signal strength on my iPhone XS Max?

Troubleshooting iPhone XS max with poor WiFi reception

  1. First solution: Turn the wireless router/modem off and on again.
  2. Second solution: Restart (soft reset) your iPhone XS Max.
  3. Third solution: Enable Airplane Mode and then disable again.
  4. Fourth solution: Check and update carrier settings on your iPhone XS Max.

Where is the Wi-Fi antenna on iPhone XS Max?

This antenna cable assembly fits in the top end of the rear case.

What year did the iPhone XS Max come out?

September 2018
Apple iPhone XS Max/Release Date

The iPhone XS Max (pronounced ‘Ten S Max’) was the largest smartphone Apple had ever released when it launched in September 2018. With a 6.5-inch display, hardly any screen bezel, and the now-iconic top-screen notch, it was a dominating presence in the hand.

Does the iPhone XS have LTE and Wi-Fi problems?

There’s a small handful of issues plaguing Apple’s new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max devices. While there aren’t many, they’re still rather significant. One of these problems reportedly consists of mediocre or even sluggish LTE and Wi-Fi performance.

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Why is my iPhone XS and XS Max having poor signal?

Users are noticing fewer bars and poorer signal on iPhone XS and XS Max compared to devices like the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, especially in areas where signal is weak. Many of the complaints come from Verizon users, suggesting the issue could potentially be carrier specific.

Does the iPhone XS Max have better LTE signal than AT?

Both groups can see faster LTE signal due to carrier aggregation and 4 MIMO implemented in XS and XS Max. Some AT and T-Mobile users are, however, complaining of connectivity problems too, while others have noticed better signal, leading to a confusing mix of user reports.

Does the iPhone XS prefer 2GHz networks over 5GHz networks?

It appears that the iPhone XS and XS Max are preferring 2.4GHz networks over 5GHz networks when connecting to routers that use the same SSID for both the 2.4 and 5GHz bands. From MacRumors reader playtillyadrop: I’m having the same problems.