What are the criteria for national development?

What are the criteria for national development?

Components of national development

  • Development of rural areas.
  • Increasing agricultural outputs.
  • Enlargement of economic knowledge.
  • Handling of growth in urban areas.
  • Eradication of poverty.

What are the types of national development plan?

More importantly it is worthwhile to note that although Nigeria has undertaken four national development plans in her post-independence history, namely: the First National Development Plan (1962-68); the Second National Development Plan (1970-74) the Third National Development Plan (1975-80) and the Fourth National …

What are the objectives of national development?

The objectives in the third plan were taken from the second plan [7, chapter 4] and are as follows: To establish Nigeria firmly as (a) a united, strong, and self-reliant nation; (b) a great and dynamic economy; (c) a just and egalitarian society; (d) a land of bright and full opportunities for all citizens; and (e) a …

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Why is national development plan prepared?

The purpose of development planning is to promote sustainable and stable development of the country and to improve the people’s quality of life.

What are the criteria of national development class 10?

Ans. National development is a comprehensive term which includes improvement in living standard of the people, increase in per capita income, providing social amenities like education,medical care, social services, etc. to the citizens of the country.

Why do some national development plans fail?

Some of the causes established were poor financial capacity; inaccurate costing and corruption; incompetence and lack of knowledge; poor planning and estimation; poor communication; poor contracting and contractor practices; frequent design scope changes and errors; socio-cultural and political interference; poor …

What is the indices of national development?

The main social indicators of development include education, health, employment and unemployment rates and gender equality, and this post introduces students to the specific indicators which institutions such as the World Bank and United Nations use to measure how ‘developed’ a country is, and the main indices which …

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What is the main criteria for comparing the development of different countries?

The average or per capita income is the main criterion for comparing the development of different countries.

What is national development in Brainly?

National development refers to the ability of a nation to improve the lives of its citizens. Measures of improvement may be material, such as an increase in the gross domestic product, or social, such as literacy rates and availability of healthcare.

What are the challenges of national development?

These are the some of the problems of national development: (ii) Large scale unemployment and under-employment. (iii) Large pool of illiteracy. (iv) Rapid growth of population. (v) Challenges of national and emotional integration.

How does national development plan propose to increase employment and economic growth?

Proposes a virtuous cycle: Attack poverty and exclusion while nurturing economic growth, “creating a virtuous cycle of expanding opportunities, building capabilities, reducing poverty, involving communities in their own development, all leading to rising living standards”.

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