What is the point of modular synth?

What is the point of modular synth?

Modular synthesizers are synthesizers composed of separate modules for different functions. The modules can be connected together by the user to create a patch. The outputs from the modules may include audio signals, analog control voltages, or digital signals for logic or timing conditions.

What is a Eurorack module?

Eurorack synthesis is a specific type of modular synthesis based on modules that all share the exact same height (128.5mm/5.06″) and varying widths that conform to units called “HP,” which stands for Horizontal Pitch (1HP is 5.08mm/0.2″).

How many Eurorack modules are there?

It has since grown in popularity, and as of 2018 has become a dominant hardware modular synthesizer format, with over 5000 modules available from more than 270 different manufacturers ranging from DIY kits and boutique, cottage-industry designers to well-known, established synth mass-manufacturers like Moog and Roland.

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What are some of the advantages of the modular synthesizer?

The Pros of Modular Synths You can use oscillators to affect volume, envelopes to affect filters, voltages to control tempo – the works. You literally have the ability to find a sound that no one has ever found before.

How does a modular work?

Modular design, or modularity in design, is a design principle that subdivides a system into smaller parts called modules (such as modular process skids), which can be independently created, modified, replaced, or exchanged with other modules or between different systems.

Are modular synthesizers analog?

The term “modular,” though, refers to a form factor and not a particular means of sound production. Modular synthesizers can be any combination of digital or analog, just like keyboards or desktop synths.

What does a Eurorack do?

Eurorack uses a standard of 1 volt per octave (1V/OCT) to set the pitch of oscillators in order to generate musical notes. This means that the 12 notes of a scale are divided between the range of zero to one volt, and jumping from 1V to 2V will step up by an octave.

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What do I need to get started with Eurorack?

Essentially, you’ll need a power supply module and ‘bus boards’, into which you connect the modules. Modular Grid is a useful resource here, allowing you to check your power supply has enough availability to power your selected modules.

How does a Eurorack work?

What modules are needed for Eurorack?

The best Eurorack modules you can buy today

  1. Mutable Instruments Plaits. Best digital oscillator.
  2. Intellijel Rubicon2. Best analogue oscillator.
  3. Instruo Cš-L. Best complex oscillator.
  4. Joranalogue Filter 8. Best filter.
  5. Mutable Instruments Stages.
  6. Intellijel Quad VCA.
  7. XAOC Devices Batumi.
  8. Mutable Instruments Marbles.

What does a Eurorack quantizer do?

A quantizer auto-corrects the input voltage to the nearest desired target, such as the voltage that corresponds to a semitone or other note in a scale. These are occasionally built into modules like sequencers or oscillators, but quite often they are standalone modules.