What was the purpose of the Gotham typeface?

What was the purpose of the Gotham typeface?

The Gotham typeface was initially commissioned by GQ magazine, whose editors wanted to display a sans-serif with a “geometric structure” that would look “masculine, new, and fresh” for their magazine.

What is the twitter typeface?

Helvetica Neue: Helvetica Neue is the foremost font for the Twitter web on both smartphones and tablets.

What does primary typeface mean?

Primary: the most recognizable and frequently used font. Secondary: a supplementary font to the primary font. Web safe default: a backup font that displays when a digital device doesn’t support the specified font.

What font is like Gotham narrow?

Nord. This minimal and modern sans serif has to be the closest font to Gotham. Nord is a modern sans serif that has similar proportions to the original Gotham typeface. With many capabilities, the typeface comes with seven weights, from thin to black, each with its own italic version.

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Is Gotham a good font?

Gotham has an extremely large font family and is very legible from a distance due to its wide width and geometric structure. After using it for a few years I can say that this font works well in almost any situation where you want a modern, architectural feel.

What type of typeface is Gotham?

Geometric sans-serif

What does Twitter chirp font look like?

The font that they’re calling Chirp is extremely similar to GT America, which is itself based on Franklin Gothic. They changed the spacing ever so slightly and changed the square dots over i and j, and then the period and comma to be circular. It definitely was not as advertised.

What happened to Twitter font?

The new font called Chirp was revealed in January, but was introduced globally on Thursday. “Chirp strikes the balance between messy and sharp to amplify the fun and irreverence of a Tweet, but can also carry the weight of seriousness when needed,” Twitter said in a blogpost.

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Why is a secondary typeface important?

Secondary typefaces are typefaces used to support a consistent design system, and create a cohesive visual expression that matches that of the logo typeface, Advent Sans.

What typeface means?

A typeface is a particular set of glyphs or sorts (an alphabet and its corresponding accessories such as numerals and punctuation) that share a common design. For example, Helvetica is a well known typeface. A font is a particular set of glyphs within a typeface.

What does Gotham font look like?

Gotham is a geometric sans serif — sans serif meaning it lacks the little feet in the corners of letters you’d see in a typeface like Times New Roman, and geometric alluding to the influence of basic shapes in its design.