Who is more influential Plato or Aristotle?

Who is more influential Plato or Aristotle?

However, Plato, was probably the first Westerner to have founded an “Academy”-(the most prestigious College in the Ancient West); and his best pupil, was Aristotle. Of the three Philosophers, Aristotle, is arguably, the most influential and perhaps the most erudite.

Why is Aristotle the most influential philosopher?

Aristotle was one of the greatest philosophers who ever lived and the first genuine scientist in history. He made pioneering contributions to all fields of philosophy and science, he invented the field of formal logic, and he identified the various scientific disciplines and explored their relationships to each other.

How did Aristotle influence physics?

Aristotle described celestial motion in terms of crystal spheres, which carried the sun, moon, and stars in unchanging endless circular motion. Clearly, Aristotle made some significant contributions to the field of physics. He made several further contributions to physics, cosmology, and astronomy.

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Who was most influential Socrates Plato or Aristotle?

Of the three, Aristotle has probably had the greatest influence on modern Western thought. He was far more pragmatic a thinker than Plato, and his philosophic legacy includes his biological inquiries (biologists still user his categories) and his organization of the science of logic is seminal.

What did Aristotle say about physics?

To Aristotle, ‘physics’ was a broad field that included subjects that would now be called the philosophy of mind, sensory experience, memory, anatomy and biology. It constitutes the foundation of the thought underlying many of his works.

When did Aristotle write the physics?

The Physics (Greek: Φυσικὴ ἀκρόασις Phusike akroasis; Latin: Physica, or Naturales Auscultationes, possibly meaning “lectures on nature”) is a named text, written in ancient Greek, collated from a collection of surviving manuscripts known as the Corpus Aristotelicum, attributed to the 4th-century BC philosopher …

Who is better Aristotle or Plato?

Though many more of Plato’s works survived the centuries, Aristotle’s contributions have arguably been more influential, particularly when it comes to science and logical reasoning. While both philosophers’ works are considered less theoretically valuable in modern times, they continue to have great historical value.

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What did Socrates Aristotle and Plato have in common?

Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle shared an interest in epistemology.

Is Plato’s philosophy more convincing than Aristotle’s philosophy?

Today, Plato’s is a more convincing as an approach to Philosophy than Aristotle’s, because he recognised that reason offers people a better means of understanding things as they really are… although he probably was too confident about how far this could go.

Does Plato’s philosophy make more sense of human experience than materialism?

This suggests that Plato’s philosophical approach makes more sense of human experience than scientific materialism, based on Aristotle’s philosophical approach, which tries to reduce morality and aesthetics to utilitarianism or evolutionary advantage.

Why is Plato’s rationalism more compelling than modern rationalism?

This shows that Plato’s rationalism is more compelling, because it supports current thinking in Mathematics, Theoretical Physics, Particle Science and Cosmology. In addition, seeing thought and reason as primary also makes more sense of the broader experience of being human.

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Why is Plato’s dualism more persuasive than Aristotle’s materialism?

Plato’s dualism is more persuasive than Aristotelian materialism, because it accounts both for the experience of being human and research into Out of Body and Near Death Experiences. Further, Plato’s world-view makes more sense of the human experience of morality than does Aristotle’s.