Can I wear a saree to work?

Can I wear a saree to work?

Sarees are versatile You can be of any shape and yet, you can drape a saree and look great. All you need is a few well-fitting blouses in common colors like black, white and gold, and you can pretty much wear any saree to work.

Does saree make you look older?

Fabric Materials It is better to keep Banarasi Saree, Cotton Saree, Pathani, Tussar saree out of the picture if. They will make you look older because of their heavy appearance, their hues, and fabrics. Chiffon and georgette with light embroidery design are perfect as per your requirement.

Why should a woman wear a saree?

‘In Hindu Dharma, extreme importance has been given to why a woman should wear a saree. Today, women do not wear sarees, but wear clothes as per the western culture; as a result, the future generation will have an impression that wearing clothes as per the western culture is the norm.

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Did you drape a saree without a blouse?

In celebration of the 2017 Saree Festival, Instagram user ‘ ‘ recently posted an interesting challenge: drape a saree without a blouse. In a post shared on September 26, saree-lovers were urged to reclaim the traditional ‘no blouse saree look’ – and boy, did the women of Instagram rise to the challenge!

How to wrap a saree properly?

A loosely wrapped saree may appear bulky or sloppy. Tie the inner and outer corner in a knot. When you have finished wrapping the material, tie the pinned corner to the other corner of your saree to secure the material in place. You may also pin the corners together if you prefer.

What is the No blouse saree challenge?

The idea behind the No Blouse Saree Challenge was, in Instagram user’s own words, to “shirk off the vestiges of colonialism and reclaim the no blouse saree look.” Sarees, after all, were traditionally worn without blouses or petticoats to retain the purity of the unstitched cloth.