Is Flat Foot accepted in army?

Is Flat Foot accepted in army?

Can you join the Army if you have flat feet? You can indeed join the army with a pronated foot type, however this wasn’t always the case. There is no official history timestamp for when flat feet stopped being a disqualifying condition for army enlistment but it occurred roughly around the time the Vietnam war began.

Are flexible flat feet allowed in the Indian Army?

No. Although Indian Army and other Indian armed forces disqualify people with flat feet or over-arched feet, it is not so everywhere in the world. However, Indian armed forces still follow the practice of not hiring flat feet people. In India, flat feet is not considered a disability.

Can you join the Indian army with flat feet?

Feet may look apparent flat. If the arches of the feet reappear on standing on toes, if the candidate can skip and run well on the toes and if the feet are supple, mobile and painless, the candidate is acceptable.

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Can flat footed join IPS?

Flat foot is medical invalidation for IPS selection. Medical board is strict about this fact. If flat foot condition is corrected through surgical intervention, and the same fact is disclosed to the Medical board during medical examination, the Board may take the final call and give its opinion.

Is being flat footed bad?

Flat feet are a common cause of general musculoskeletal pain and problems. Your body’s balance begins in the feet; when the feet do not provide proper support, it can raise your risk for joint problems caused by poor posture and unnatural gait.

Why flat foot is bad?

Flat feet tend to cause another condition called overpronation, which is when the ankles roll inward while you’re walking. This can lead to foot and ankle pain. Because your feet are the basis of support for your entire body, having flat feet and overpronation can cause problems with your spinal alignment.