What does accused process mean in court?

What does accused process mean in court?

To make the accused appear in the court, the Magistrate can direct the accused to be brought or present in the court by issuing a process for making him answerable to the court. As the case appears before him, he issues his summon or warrant.

What is the meaning of stage of case?

It means that either of the parties to the case needs to comply with the previous order/direction passed in said case by the Hon’ble Court.

At what stage an accused is examined in a criminal trial?

Power of court to examine the accused person After closure of the prosecution evidence and before the accused is called upon to enter into his defense, the court is under obligation to examine the accused in respect of the evidence available against him.

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What is mean by appearance of accused?

term “accused” was intended to include the pleader when the accused has been permitted to appear by pleader, there appear by pleader, and such appearance involves, the performance of all acts which devolve upon the accused in the course. Calcutta High Court. Cites 79 – Cited by 9 – Full Document. D.C. Goel And Ors …

How do court proceedings work in India?

Under the Code of Civil Procedure 1908, the following procedure is applicable to all civil suits:

  • a suit is instituted by filing of a plaint by the plaintiff;
  • thereafter, summons are issued to the defendants.
  • after the written statement is filed, the parties enter into discovery and inspection of documents.

What are the stages in a civil suit in India?

Framing of issues. Summoning and attendance of witnesses. Hearing of Suit and Examination of Witness. Decree/Order and the Judgment.

What happens in the pleading stage?

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Pleading Stage – filing the complaint and the defense’s motions. Pretrial Stage – discovery process, finding of facts. Trial Stage – seating of the jury, testimony on behalf of the plaintiffs and testimony on behalf of the defendants.

What are the stages of pre trial in criminal cases?

We shall now delve into this pre-trial phase by analysing the various steps which lead to the filing of the chargesheet.

  • First Information of the offence.
  • Examination of witnesses.
  • Search for evidence.
  • Arrest of accused or suspect.
  • Charge sheet or Final report.
  • Right of an Accused person pre-trial.