Can a good circuit have an internal resistance?

Can a good circuit have an internal resistance?

The voltage drop measured across the lamp VLOAD is 1.2 V, which means that we have “lost” 0.3 V across the internal resistance RINTERNAL. The resistance of the wires in the circuit can be considered to be negligible, while the resistance of the lamp RLOAD is unknown….Internal Resistance.


Why is internal resistance neglected?

The internal resistance behaves as it is connected in series with the source therefore; it also has a potential drop. The reason for less voltage drop is that the internal resistance of the emf source is always very small. For this reason, the resistance of the emf source is neglected in circuit analysis.

How does internal resistance affect a circuit?

The internal resistance r of a voltage source affects the output voltage when a current flows. The voltage output of a device is called its terminal voltage V and is given by V = emf − Ir, where I is the electric current and is positive when flowing away from the positive terminal of the voltage source.

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What affects internal resistance?

In practice, the internal resistance of a battery is dependent on its size, state of charge, chemical properties, age, temperature, and the discharge current.

Do circuits need resistors?

They may be small and often built-in to other components, but resistors are essential to almost every electrical circuit. These hidden resistors are essential because they control the flow of the electrical current to sensitive components, and they protect components from voltage spikes.

Does internal resistance change with current?

As current decreasesd, voltage across the internal resistance of the cell, Ir, decreased (using V=IR), because internal resistance should remain constant. Therefore voltage across the terminals increased (as less is wasted across the internal resistor).

Is internal resistance negligible?

Negligible internal resistance means you have an ideal battery, so if a wire of 0 resistance is put across the terminals of the battery you’ll get infinite resistance. Obviously, this doesn’t happen in real life.

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Is internal resistance a defect of cell?

It is a kind of defect but it can’t be declared a defect as it is the nature of the cell. Every thing resists any kind of change to some exten.

What causes internal resistance?

Internal resistance is a material’s inherent attribute. The electrolyte present inside the battery provides resistance to the flow of current through it in a battery. The performance of a battery depends on the internal resistance.