Can I retarget website visitors on YouTube?

Can I retarget website visitors on YouTube?

Retarget video viewers You can retarget people who watched your organic YouTube videos and video ads by creating a custom audience consisting of views. You can target people by any video view on your channel or an individual video. You can also target them based on any ad view or a specific one.

Can I use Google ads to promote YouTube video?

When you know your audience and create awesome videos that offer value to that audience, promoting videos with AdWords can help grow your YouTube channel. Obviously, you need an AdWords account to start. If you don’t have one, you can sign up for free. Next, link your AdWords account to your YouTube channel.

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Is Google ads for YouTube worth it?

YouTube advertising is an incredible way to get your video ads out in front of a relevant, engaged audience. Yes, video content takes more work, but there are a lot of good reasons why most marketers are moving towards producing more video content. Overall, YouTube is worth it.

How do remarketing lists work on YouTube?

How it works Remarketing lists are created by first linking your YouTube channel to your Google Ads account. Once you link accounts, you can create remarketing lists that reach people who have done the following YouTube-related actions: Viewed any video from a channel

How to use YouTube to drive new visitors to your website?

YouTube can be great for both driving new visitors to view and click to site as well as remarketing to users that have visited your site and have shown interest.” 1. Use Demographic and Location Targeting 2. Target Other Channels With Placements 3. Attract Interested Shoppers With In-Market Audiences 4. Find Similar Audiences With Remarketing Lists

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Why advertise on YouTube?

Broader scope: With YouTube’s vast network, your video ad can reach potential customers on remarketing audience lists. Efficient pricing: The Google Ads auction model offers competitive rates that meet your target ROI.

How to promote your YouTube videos to similar audiences?

If you’ve already created a remarketing list that features a well-performing audience, you can use AdWords to promote your YouTube videos to similar audiences based on first-party data from that audience.