Can NCC join Navy?

Can NCC join Navy?

The vacancies for Naval Wing Senior Div NCC ‘C’ certificate holders with B.E./B. Tech degree are published along with CDSE advertisement. No written test is conducted for this entry. The eligible candidates are required to forward their application directly to IHQ MoD (N)/ DMPR through DGNCC.

Can NCC cadets join Navy?

Navy: The Indian Navy offers Permanent Commission in the Executive Branch to graduates with NCC ‘C’ certificate. Eligibility: Unmarried male graduates (. BE/BSc (Phys & Maths) with Naval Wing Senior Division NCC ‘C’ certificate. Selection: SSB interview/test and medical examination.

What is NCC Special Entry in Navy?

Type of Entry Month of Commencement of Course Educational Qualification
National Defence Academy & Naval Academy
NCC Special Entry Apr and Oct Graduates with 50\% aggregate marks, two years service in NCC Sr. Division, with minimum ‘ B’ Grade in ‘ C’ certificate Exam.

How can a girl join NCC?

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What is the eligibility required to join NCC?

  1. Junior Division/Wing (Boys/Girls) – Candidates should be in class 8-10 with age limits 13-181/2.
  2. Senior Division/Wing (Boys/Girls) – Candidates should be in class 10 or 1st year of graduation with maximum age limit upto 26.

How do you become a female Navy officer?

Education. Candidate age must be between 21 and 25 years. A second class Master’s degree of a recognised university in Physics or Mathematics is required. One should possess a Master’s degree in Physics and have studied Mathematics at least at the subsidiary level at the degree standard and those possessing.

Can girls join NCC Air Wing?

Eligibility to join a Junior Wing, for both girls and boys, the age limit is set to 12 – 18.5 years. Eligibility to join a Senior Wing, for both girls and boys, the age limit is set upto 26 years. The enrollment period for Junior Wing is two years. The enrollment period for Senior Wing is three years.