Do I need to wear my CPAP when I nap?

Do I need to wear my CPAP when I nap?

If you have a CPAP machine for your sleep apnea, you should use it every time you sleep, even if you’re just planning on a brief siesta. Sleeping without it may leave you vulnerable to harmful apneas. If you’re still getting used to using your CPAP treatment, you might want to erase napping from your plans altogether.

How do you treat sleep apnea without a mask?

Key Takeaway:

  1. Wearing an oral/dental appliance to help prevent the airway from collapsing.
  2. Getting surgery to potentially reduce or eliminate the extra tissue in your patient’s throat.
  3. Undergoing a weight management program to potentially improve or eliminate your patient’s sleep apnea symtpoms.

How should I sleep if I have apnea?

Sleeping on Your Right Side Side sleeping is the preferred position for helping calm your sleep apnea. Sleeping on your right side reduces snoring and encourages blood flow.

What can make sleep apnea worse?

Things that can make sleep apnea worse include:

  • Being overweight. Extra pounds can mean more than a tight waistband.
  • Drinking alcohol. It can relax your airway to the point that it gets blocked.
  • Some prescription medication.
  • Other health conditions.
  • Your sleeping position.
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Does sleeping with your head elevated help sleep apnea?

“Sleeping with the head as elevated and upright as possible, such as with an adjustable bed or in a recliner, may be helpful in improving sleep apnea symptoms.” Wedge-shaped pillows made of foam (rather than a squishier material) can help you achieve the right position that keeps the airway more open.

What should I avoid if I have sleep apnea?

Burgers, steak, pork, bacon, lamb, and sausage are all meats that are high in saturated fats. Eating too much of these items can cause inflammation throughout your body, which can lead to cardiovascular problems. This is a big risk factor if you have sleep apnea, so it’s best to avoid consuming these products.