How do I log messages in JMeter?

How do I log messages in JMeter?

You can turn on the log viewer from the top menu by following “Options->Log Viewer”. So at the bottom of your JMeter client, a panel will open. It will tell you what’s going on with your script. You can configure the Log level by selecting INFO, WARN, ERROR, DEBUG, TRACE from the top menu.

How does JMeter detect errors?

You can also open a new instance of JMeter on your machine, and simply add a “view results tree” listener. Once the file has been opened by JMeter, you will see all the errors that happened during the test, with a lot more details, giving you and your team a much clearer view of what went wrong.

How do I save a JMeter error message?

Run the script and upload the results to JMeter. Run the script by pressing the run button….IMPORTANT.

  1. Change the name of the file to test_result. xml.
  2. Click the Configure button.
  3. Check the Save As XML and Save Response Data (XML) checkboxes.
  4. Save those changes by clicking Done.
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What is log in JMeter?

The log file name is defined in the jmeter. properties file (or using the -j option, see below). It defaults to jmeter. log , and will be found in the directory from which JMeter was launched.

How do I change the log level in JMeter?

Another way to change the log level for specific categories or for the root logger is to start JMeter with specific flags using the command line. First of all, revert all changes in the log4j2. xml file so that we can try changing the configuration via the command line.

How do I debug JMeter?

Let’s configure the Eclipse IDE to debug JMeter:

  1. Create new Java project.
  2. Click “Run” -> “Debug configurations”.
  3. Select “Remote Java Application”
  4. Click right mouse button and select “New”
  5. Insert host ip address and remote port number.
  6. Click “Apply”
  7. Click “Debug”

What is error in JMeter?

Error\% denotes the percent of requests with errors. 100\% error means all the requests sent from JMeter have failed. You should add a Tree View Listener and then check the individual requests and responses. Such high percentage of error means that either your server is not available or all of your requests are invalid.

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Why my JMeter is not working?

Make Sure the “Thread Group” is Enabled (Not sure but for me it was disabled when i open my . JMX file from recent files), If you have Login parameter added then make sure it is enabled as well. Make Sure the Results (Listeners) are merged with the Thread and are Enabled.

How do I parse JSON response data in JMeter?

Parsing JSON responses with JMeter

  1. Regular Expression Extractor. With each JMeter installation comes the Regular Expression Extractor which allows to extract data from a String, using the notorious regular expressions.
  2. JMeter JSON plug-in.
  3. BeanShell Post Processor with external JSON library.

How do I download JMeter results?

JMeter Capturing Full Output

  1. Add a listener to your load test.
  2. Set the output file name.
  3. Click Configure to open the dialog “Sample Result Save Configuration.”
  4. Select the Items to capture.
  5. Run your test on RedLine13.
  6. After the test completes the output files will be available.
  7. Download and expand your output file.