How do you clean floors before applying epoxy?

How do you clean floors before applying epoxy?


  1. Clean and Degrease the Floor. Use a broom and wet-dry vacuum to clean debris from the floor.
  2. Etch the Concrete. Etch the concrete floor using the etching solution provided in the epoxy coating kit, following the manufacturer’s directions.
  3. Prepare the Room.
  4. Mix the Epoxy.
  5. Apply the Epoxy.
  6. Let the Garage Floor Dry.

How do you clean and prep concrete for epoxy?

Preparing Concrete Floors for Epoxy Coating

  1. Remove clutter and furniture from the floor.
  2. With a broom, sweep away any dirt or dust from the floor.
  3. Sticky material or thick mud should be removed with a metal putty knife.
  4. A course brush and a chemical degreasing agent should be used to scrub away greasy areas.
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Should I seal concrete before epoxy?

Before an epoxy coating is applied to the floor, Jon-Don highly recommends considering the following: New slabs of concrete should be allowed to fully cure for 30-60 days before a coating is applied. If a sealer was previously used on the concrete (if water beads up on the surface), do not use epoxy.

Do I need to grind floor before epoxy?

However, for larger commercial jobs, older concrete, or worn floors we always recommend grinding before epoxy installation. The concrete floor will fail if the coating doesn’t bond mechanically to the concrete floor, so the preparation is the most important part before applying any type of epoxy!

How do you prep a basement floor for epoxy?

The absolute first step before applying your epoxy coating, is to prep your floor. It is essential that you clean your floor thoroughly. If you’re working on a concrete base, fill in any cracks or patch areas that need care before you start to clean. Once the damages, if any, have been repaired, it’s time to clean.

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What happens if you don’t etch concrete before epoxy?

In Closing. New concrete must be etched before applying the epoxy. The smooth surface of unaltered concrete won’t bind with other materials, such as epoxy or paint. As a result, epoxy will peel and lift away, failing to adhere to the surface.

Can you epoxy over rough concrete?

The only valid reason why someone should apply epoxy on rough concrete is to eliminate dust and protect the surface from absorbing water or other chemicals. Epoxy is glossy. This will lead to all dents, cracks, holes and trowel marks of the concrete being revealed and magnified.

How long does concrete need to cure before epoxy coating?

28 day
Standard specifications recommend a minimum 28 day cure period for “green concrete”, before an epoxy floor coating or other resinous system can be applied.

Do you need to acid wash new concrete before epoxy?

Concrete floors require preparation before applying an epoxy coating system. The preparation usually involves cleaning the surface to remove oil and other unwanted contaminants and “profiling” the concrete by etching with acid or by mechanical abrasion (ie; shot-blasting or etching with a diamond grinder).