How do you restart the game last day on Earth?

How do you restart the game last day on Earth?

Simply clear your App’s cache memory and defaults by going into settings-Applications- Last day On earth and then use a different ID to play the game.

How can I reset the game from the beginning on Android?

How can I reset the game from the beginning on Android?

  1. Open settings at the game.
  2. Click “Disconnect” to unbind your Google Play/AppGallery account.
  3. Delete remaining data in your device menu: Settings → Applications → Grim Soul.

How do you restore progress on the last day of Earth?

To recover a lost account in Last Day on Earth, you can either reconnect your account or contact tech support. Take a screenshot, then once you have your screenshot, hit the “Support” button. This will reveal a variety of different options.

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How do you delete a game account?


  1. Select ‘Settings’
  2. Select ‘Personal’
  3. Select ‘Accounts’
  4. Select the account you would like to remove.
  5. Select ‘More’
  6. Select ‘Remove Account’

How do you reset the last day on Earth on Android?

In order to remove your current progress and start over on Android:

  1. Tap on “disconnect” to disconnect your Google Play account.
  2. Delete data in Settings – Apps – LDoE.
  3. Restart the app and connect it to Google Play for your progress to be automatically saved.

How do you delete furniture in the last day on Earth?

With the bar that pops up on the bottom, select Furniture. You will now be in Furniture mode. Choose the item that you wish to move or replace. Using the tool tip that pops up, you will now have the ability to move or rotate the item!

How do you delete game data on Android?

Delete Play Games data for a specific game

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Play Games app .
  2. At the top of the screen, tap More. Settings.
  3. Tap Delete Play Games account & data.
  4. Under “Delete individual game data,” find the game data you want to remove and tap Delete.
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How do you transfer data last day on Earth?


  1. Use the file manager app on your Android device.
  2. In Internal Storage, open the folder Android, open the folder data.
  3. Copy the folder zombie.survival.craft.z.
  4. Paste in another location: Downloads or another folder.

Will clearing data delete game progress?

When you clear data for Google Play Store, the apps on your phone and their data will remain intact. You won’t be logged out from Play Store since it uses a Google account, which appears in Settings > Accounts. Clearing Play Store data or any other Google app’s data will not delete or unlink the Google account.

How do I delete the last day on earth on my iPhone?

The only way to clear temporary data from an app on iOS is to delete the app entirely. CAREFULLY hold on the app until all icons start shaking, then tap the X in the top left corner of the app icon. Open the App Store and re-download Last Day on Earth.

How can I reset the game from the beginning on Android? 1 Open settings at the game 2 Click “Disconnect” to unbind your Google Play/AppGallery account 3 Delete remaining data in your device menu: Settings → Applications → Grim Soul 4 Restart the game and agree to login to Google Play, so your new progress will automatically be saved More

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What is last day on Earth Survival Game?

1.) Ultimate Guide. In Last Day On Earth Survival game, your one and only objective is to stay alive and keep the character’s body in good condition by maintaining the food, water, and health state. Read the cheats, tips part below to learn how to get water, food easily in Last Day On Earth game.

How do I start the game over on iOS?

In order to start the game over on iOS, you just have to disconnect your game progress in game settings and reinstall the game. Please note that pressing “Connect” button should not lead you to restoring some other progress, if this is what happens, you should load this other progress first, only then do the previous steps.

How to activate active skills in last day on Earth Survival?

Active skills can be activated by tapping the button. In Last Day On Earth Survival game, there are two default skills; auto-mode and sneaking(bottom left, right corner). You can learn new skills by obtaining exploration experience points(read the guide above).