What are some Nigerian traditions?

What are some Nigerian traditions?

10 Traditions Only Nigerians Can Understand

  • Pre-Marital Introduction Ceremonies, aka “Courtship” No matter how long you’ve been courting your partner, the relationship remains unrecognised until the formal introduction ceremony.
  • Nwaboy (Servicehood/Apprenticeship)
  • Child Dedication Ceremony.
  • Greeting Elders.

Can Nigerian men marry more than one wife?

Marrying multiple wives is a lot less common among educated people in Nigeria but polygamy still happens in rural areas, especially in the Muslim north. It is legal. Though the official marriage registry only allows for one wife, it also has a clause that allows for marriage under “customary” law.

What are Nigerian weddings like?

“Typically, Nigerian weddings are large affairs (think of weddings running to between 600-1,000 guests) where it is common for invited guests to bring along uninvited guests! There will be lots of dancing and respect paid to honoured guests in attendance.”

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What are Nigerian marriages like?

Two major types of marriage exist in Nigeria: monogamy, a marriage of one man to one woman, and polygyny, a marriage of one man to two or more wives. In most cultural groups in Nigeria, traditional marriage is usually an arrangement between two families as opposed to an arrangement between two individuals.

What do you think about Nigerian men?

If you do a search on the internet about “Nigerian men” you would come across very few positive comments and loads of negative stuff about Men from Nigeria, like they are domineering, you hear things like “Nigerian guys are naturally dishonest!,” you will hear the good and you will also hear the bad things about men from western African.

Can you date and marry a handsome Nigerian guy?

But frankly, you can date and marry a handsome Nigerian guy any day if you are willing and able to be a good wife. Lastly, there is a whole lot to be said about Nigerian men and relationship, Nigerian is the world capital of the church, we all go to church and read bible.

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Can a man from Nigeria fly back home for a woman?

That’s why a man from Nigeria can fly several miles back home to bring her over, after of course several trial and errors with the white chicks. A Nigerian women finds savorable love in humility, a quality that Nigerian men are yet to find in women with western upbringing.

Why don’t Nigerian men marry far away from home?

Women from the western world got “ego” and that is simply why Nigerian men don’t marry far away from home.