What are the effects of biological weapons?

What are the effects of biological weapons?

Bioweapons, Biodiversity, and Ecocide: Potential Effects of Biological Weapons on Biological Diversity: Bioweapon disease outbreaks could cause the extinction of endangered wildlife species, the erosion of genetic diversity in domesticated plants and animals, the destruction of traditional human livelihoods, and the …

Which disease was used as a biological weapon in World War?

During World War I, the German Army developed anthrax, glanders, cholera, and a wheat fungus specifically for use as biological weapons. They allegedly spread plague in St. Petersburg, Russia, infected mules with glanders in Mesopotamia, and attempted to do the same with the horses of the French Cavalry.

What biological weapons were used in ww2?

Table 1

Time Event
World War II Japan uses plague, anthrax, and other diseases; several other countries experiment with and develop biological weapons programs
1980–1988 Iraq uses mustard gas, sarin, and tabun against Iran and ethnic groups inside Iraq during the Persian Gulf War
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Has anthrax been used in war?

Anthrax has been used in bioterrorism and warfare since World War I, when Scandinavia deployed anthrax against the Imperial Russian Army. It was also used by the British army during World War II to weaken German livestock. More recently, anthrax has been used in bioterrorism attacks in both Japan and the United States.

Who started anthrax?

Anthrax is thought to have originated in Egypt and Mesopotamia. Many scholars think that in Moses’ time, during the 10 plagues of Egypt, anthrax may have caused what was known as the fifth plague, described as a sickness affecting horses, cattle, sheep, camels and oxen.

What is bio bomb?

The Biological Bomb, also known as the ‘bio-bomb’ or ‘blue rinse’ is one of the centaur Foaly’s inventions and arguably one of his deadliest weapons. The bio-bomb is typically used to neutralize biological life while all inorganic matter is left intact. This is because it only affects living tissue.