What is best time to visit Sikkim?

What is best time to visit Sikkim?

As suggested by Sikkim Tourism, the best time to visit Sikkim is either between March and May or October and mid-December….Best Season to Visit Sikkim.

Travel Months Min/Max Temperature Season
July to Sep 21°c to 35°c Monsoon
Oct to March 10°c to 27°c Winter

How can I plan Darjeeling and Gangtok Tour?

Short Itinerary: Darjeeling Gangtok Tour Packages

  1. Day 01: New Jalpaiguri Railway Station (NJP) / Bagdogra Airport (IXB) to Darjeeling (Drive: 88 km/3 Hours)
  2. Day 02: Full Day Sightseeing in Darjeeling.
  3. Day 03: Darjeeling to Kalimpong (Drive: 57 km/3 Hours)
  4. Day 04: Kalimpong to Gangtok (Drive: 73 km/3 Hours)

What should I pack for Sikkim?

You should carry moderate to heavy woolens like jackets, muffler, cap, gloves, socks etc. Thermal full body inner wears can come in handy at nights. Average high/low temperature ranges between 13°C to 8°C. You need to carry moderate woolens like a good jacket, cap, gloves, socks etc.

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Which is better Meghalaya or Sikkim?

Sikkim is altitude wise on higher side obviously. But if you want to enjoy hilly greenery then Meghalaya seems best. Bro visit Sikkim, It is best place to visit in North east. Though may is not season because it will be summer.So the stay and traveling expenses will be chapet also there will be less crowd.

Which is better Meghalaya or Assam?

When we move on to see the most obvious difference between the two states it is their landforms, Assam has a more plain setting and filled with reserves plus forests compared to Meghalaya. Meghalaya is a hilly range that affects the weather and climate of the state.

Why Gangtok trip plan for 5 days?

The gorgeous roads and hairpin turn make this Gangtok Trip Plan for 5 Days a rugged paradise for almost everyone. Gangtok has a perfect confluence of mountain landscapes with a rich culture of the Buddhist monasteries and temples, all beaming brightly along the wonderful lakes present here. Gangtok is a marvelous place to be at.

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Why Book 4 nights 5 days trip packages?

You can enjoy your adventures there when you book with 4 nights 5 days trip packages and go out to enjoy with your family and friends. There is a number of destinations which are mentioned along with the other details of the place. Our 4 nights 5 days travel packages depend on two facts before proceeding to visit.

What are our 5 days holiday packages?

Our 5 days holiday packages are the inclusions of cheers and smiles; ergo we have tried our best to find out the best destinations for your trip. We are mentioning the domestic as well as international locations too in our 5 days tour package.

How many days to spend in Darjeeling?

4 Nights 5 Days Darjeeling Gangtok Itinerary: Darjeeling and Sikkim, the two most visited tourist destinations of Eastern Himalaya have a lot of charm and attractiveness to offer to the tourists.