What is your experience in NCC?

What is your experience in NCC?

NCC has taught me leadership, time management, stress, team work which myself unique. The life as a cadet is one of the best experiences one can ever have as it teaches them life as it is and shows how it is to be an officer in the Indian Armed Forces management. This was my experience in NCC.

What you have Learnt from NCC?

It makes you learn many things, which otherwise you won’t get a chance to in life. Discipline, basic arms training, team ethics, following orders, various kinds of physical activities, sports, tours to remote areas, etc. are some of the things you experience and learn in NCC.

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How has NCC changed your life?

NCC was the turning point in my life. It changed me from a common person to a special person. It taught me leadership, time management, stress management, team work which myself unique. To be a NCC cadet is like being unique, hardworking, dedicated, punctual, and most of all, an achiever.

Why I recommended NCC to you based on my experience?

NCC teaches how to interact, communicate and mingle with one another. From all of my experiences in NCC, I hope that the inspirations, opportunities, and life lessons I have got will be available to my younger, next generation and future students. Hope my article has enlightened you to take up NCC.

What is the importance of NCC?

The NCC, is one of the a premier youth organizations in our country, contributed in propagating national unity and integrity amongst youth. Its role in instilling in them the values of character, discipline and hard work and in shaping them into dynamic and responsible citizens of the country had been well recognized.

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What is the importance of NCC in students life?

NCC training helps students who want to join Indian Arm Forces but it’s not the compulsion to the trainee to join any part of Indian Army after completion of the training. Benefits of NCC also includes self-discipline and problem-solving skills.

How does NCC helps in personality development?

Activities of the National Cadet Corps (NCC) do not only provide motivation for positive attitude but are also very important for character building and personality development as we cadets are regularly encouraged and motivated to participate in various public speaking activities & social compaigns and events.