Can humans and nature coexist?

Can humans and nature coexist?

Coexistence is defined as a dynamic but sustainable state in which humans and wildlife co-adapt to living in shared landscapes, where human interactions with wildlife are governed by effective institutions that ensure long-term wildlife population persistence, social legitimacy, and tolerable levels of risk [2, 18].

Is nature chaotic or orderly?

Science, by nature, is orderly even though its execution often appears chaotic. Moment by moment events are impossible to predict, but, the end result always conforms.

What is relationship between human and nature?

As such, the human–nature relationship goes beyond the extent to which an individual believes or feels they are part of nature. It can also be understood as, and inclusive of, our adaptive synergy with nature as well as our longstanding actions and experiences that connect us to nature.

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What does coexist definition?

Definition of coexist intransitive verb. 1 : to exist together or at the same time. 2 : to live in peace with each other especially as a matter of policy. Other Words from coexist Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About coexist.

What does chaotic nature mean?

adjective. Something that is chaotic is in a state of complete disorder and confusion.

Is there inherent order in nature or is it all chaos and chance why do you feel this way?

Both order and chaos are mental concepts, human points of view. Nature is neither orderly nor chaotic; neither random or deterministic. Those are ideas about reality but in reality they are just ideas, mental constructs, frames of reference with no analogue outside of our minds.

How can be relationship between humans and environment be improved?

It is important to work towards creating a better environment in order to protect our health, and because environmental improvements such as tree-planting can have many beneficial effects, such as creating more spring water, a higher water table, and less soil erosion and flooding.