Can Stormbreaker cut through Superman?

Can Stormbreaker cut through Superman?

Stormbreaker isn’t easily cutting through any of them, but I’d say that it could definitely injure all of them. Comics Stormbreaker is harder to gauge, but I’d bet it could make the Hulk and Superman bleed. Thanos has dealt with Stormbreaker before and not been injured, so Thanos will do just fine.

Can stormbreaker be lifted by anyone?

The hammer Stormbreaker is very similar to Mjolnir, made of mystic Uru metal and is nearly indestructible. Worthiness: Just like the original Mjolnir, no one can lift Stormbreaker who is not worthy. Now Stormbreaker is offered to anyone worthy of its enchantment.

Can MCU Thor defeat DCEU Superman in a fight?

Yes, MCU Thor CAN defeat DCEU Superman. In fact, let me sacrifice my self to the DCEU keyboard warriors and say that Thor would win MOST of the time. And to be honest, it’s pretty dang obvious. People often say Superman has greater raw strength than Thor. Yes, MCU Thor CAN defeat DCEU Superman.

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How would Thor react to Superman’s storm break?

Thor In terms of speeds can react to beams of light and move a bit while Quick Silver slows time although Superman Is faster than this, he was able to fully react to the Flash who was moving faster than Quick Silver and dodge him not just move a bit fast, if Thor tried to use Storm Break on him or hit him it would most likely look like this.

Is Superman stronger than Thanos or Thor?

Superman doesn’t come close to Thor’s durability let alone Thanos so what a ridiculous thing to say. Superman is faaar superior to thor in just about anything. Stop making claims out of your ass. The only thing he has going from him, is being able to withstand higher temperatures than Thor’s due to the nuke feat.

Can DCEU Snyder Cut Superman’s shoulder?

There is already a thread like this, and the answer is Yes. https://comicvine.gamespot.com/forums/battles-7/can-dceu-snydercut-superman-tank-stormbreaker-like-2146474/ It doesn’t even look like Steppenwolf’s electro axe hit his skin in that picture. It did hit his shoulder after rewatching the scene.