Did Jae from Day6 leave?

Did Jae from Day6 leave?

Currently, Park confirms he is still a part of Day6. But, he says, “I believe that it is in the best interest of everyone, that for the moment, I do take a leave. Not just for my members, but for my fandom and for me as well.

What happen to Day6 Jae?

DAY6 member Jae decided to go on hiatus after getting involved in a Twitch controversy. DAY6 vocalist and lead guitarist Jae (eaJ) remains a huge part of the K-pop band. The DAY6 member stepped down from the spotlight since then, and he only came back recently through an emotional Instagram Live.

What did Jae say?

Last week, the singer received backlash after making a joke, which he now dubs “inappropriate”, during a Twitch stream. In a now-deleted stream while playing game Rust, Jae Park said: “This guy, he is my sugar daddy,” before moving his character in front of another player and imitated a sexual act.

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What happened to 2AM kpop?

After the group departed JYP and Big Hit, 2AM was put on hiatus as the members moved to different companies and labels and pursued solo careers. Their hiatus extended as most of the group took part in their mandatory military service.

Is Jae from Day6 a soloist?

“Oh, I’m still in DAY6. Until the members of Day6 are ready, Jae will surely keep releasing music and continue dabbling in solo ventures and fans will continue to support him regardless of his decisions. Day6’s Jae has also announced that he will once again start streaming after almost a year of being absent on Twitch!

Why did Jae stop streaming Day6?

Jae Park, who also goes by Eaj, announced today that he will be returning to streaming on Twitch soon. The K-pop singer and Day6 member had quit his Twitch channel earlier this year after receiving heavy backlash owing to a joke he made while on stream.

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What does Wonpil’s tattoo mean?

– On the ring finger of his left hand Wonpil has a tattoo, it is of a shell and bone and is meant to represent a heart.