How can I strengthen my Sukran?

How can I strengthen my Sukran?

Another significant remedy for planets in Vedic astrology is the chanting of mantras. Improve the good effects of Venus by reciting Venus Beej (Seed) Mantra – “Aum Draam Dreem Droum Sah Shukraya Namah” 108 times daily. Wear Shukra yantras to achieve auspicious results for Venus. Wear silver ornaments and perfumes.

What happens if your Shukra is weak?

The ill-effects of Shukra invite troubled married life and disturbed family life, weakness of sexual organs, loss of wealth, health problems, particularly the eyes and kidneys and others. It also leads to the loss of bodily lustre, asthma and paralysis.

How can I please Lord Shukra?

Worship Goddess Mahalakshmi and offer sandal paste to the goddess to attract the blessings of Venus in more measures. Chant the Shukra mantra for 1 mala (108 times) or three malas (324 times) or 21 malas (2268 times). The mantra chanting can start on a Friday and grow progressively to cover more malas.

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Which God can control Shukra?

Shukra, in the Puranas, is blessed by Shiva with Sanjeevni Vidhya after worshipping and impressing Shiva with his Bhakti towards Shiva.

What Stone is Venus?

Diamond is regarded as the gemstone for Planet Venus. According to the planetary astrology, Venus is considered as one of the Navgrahas that influence human lives.

How do you fast on Venus?

Fasting for Venus: To appease Venus, one must fast on 16 Fridays, starting from Shukla Paksha. Wear white clothes and recite a shukra mantra. Eat food made of khoya and kheer in the evening. On the 17th Friday, perform a havan and distribute prasad in a blind school.

Whats the best placement for Venus?

Venus in 4th house is one of the best positions for Venus to be in, as Venus gives not only cars, houses, and lots of assets, it also gives peace in the home environment, even if the family was destructive before. After a child with this placement is born in the family, it creates a new kind of harmony.

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What if Venus is strong in horoscope?

Strong Venus: If Venus is strong in your horoscope and conjoined with other planets, you can enjoy the good company of opposite sex. Your married life will be good and full of all kinds of comforts. You may get married early. You would be able to maintain the harmony with everyone.

How to make planet Venus stronger?

Donate shyam moong, chana, white rice, white clothes or dairy cream or curd to a lady on Friday to make venus stronger. Do Fasting: keep fast On Fridays. Refrain taking any salt in fast to make planet venus positive and reduce its malefic effects. Do regular Pooja: Devi pooja, Lakshmi poojan as vedic remedies for venus (shukra)

How to improve Venus or Shukra worship?

Astrology Remedies for Improve Venus or Shukra Worship Goddess Lakshmi – Vedic astrology says that Goddess Lakshmi is the ruling deity of Venus. Worshipping her brings qualities of Venus in your personality. Laxmi is also called the Goddess of wealth.

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What are the remedies for Venus in Hinduism?

As remedies for Venus, do Japa of Shukra beeja mantra: ऊं द्रां द्रीं द्रौं स: शुक्राय नम: (Om dram dreem droum sah shukraya namah), 20000 times in 40 days. Donate shyam moong, chana, white rice, white clothes or dairy cream or curd to a lady on Friday to make venus stronger.

How to boost Venus in Vedic astrology?

So, it is also very beneficial for financial gains. Recite Sri Sukta – The Sri Suktam forms part of appendices to the Rig Veda. It’s an ancient text,which is believed to be around five thousand years old. It has a very powerful effect on boosting your Venus, and hence your personality, looks, your influence on others and your attractiveness.