How do I get my NCB confirmation?

How do I get my NCB confirmation?

The document you are required to submit to us as proof of your NCB is a renewal notice from your previous insurer. If this is unavailable, simply call your previous insurer and request confirmation of your NCB or alternatively provide us previous policy copy and declaration that you have entitlement for NCB.

Can I check insurance status online?

To check the car insurance status online you can either go on to the IIB web portal or you can go on to your insurer’s website and fill in required details like policy name, chassis number, vehicle number, etc. You can also check the status online by filling in the engine number and chassis number of the car.

What is NCB confirmation letter?

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What is it? NCB certificate is a proof of the NCB percentage that you earned all the years. Once you sell your car, it helps you get discounts on premium when buying a policy for the next car. This means within 3 years, you would have to transfer the NCB discount to your new policy for a new car purchased.

Does NCB have Whatsapp number?

Simply send ‘Hi’ to (876) 613-9160 or click on https://wa.me/+18766139160 to start your chat today! …

How can I check my car insurance status in India?

Check the insurance status through VAHAN

  1. Visit the e-services page on VAHAN and click on know your vehicle details.
  2. Now, provide the registration number of the car and enter the verification code.
  3. Click on search vehicle.
  4. You will see the insurance details here.

How can I check my insurance policy online in Kenya?

Using the AKI application, which is available for download, or USSD code *352#, the insured can verify the status of their policy in real-time. It is estimated that over 50\% of Kenyans own a smartphone; hence the digitization opens up a world of possibilities for the insured and insurance companies.