What is the best app for visually impaired?

What is the best app for visually impaired?

Android Apps for Users with Visual Impairment

  • Blind-Droid Wallet. Blind-Droid Wallet is specfically made to help people with visual impairments to identify money.
  • Lazarillo GPS for Blind.
  • Audible Audiobooks.
  • TapTapSee.
  • Supersense.
  • Be My Eyes.
  • Sullivan+
  • Facing Emotions.

How do blind people navigate indoors?

Some visually impaired people use a variety of accessible maps (e.g., tactile maps) to help navigating indoors and learning the environment beforehand, while others use other assistive technologies, for example, indoor navigation system, wearable computing devices, and mobile devices.

Which is an application of GPS for visually impaired?

Seeing Assistant Move. Seeing Assistant move is developed by Transition Technologies S.A. and was first released in March 2013. It is the only GPS app designed for blind and visually impaired people that lets the user operate the app through predefined speech commands.

How do visually impaired people use apps?

Android phones also have a built-in screen reader called TalkBack. Plus, lots of smartphones are equipped with an on-screen magnifier, large text option, and high-contrast viewing mode to assist people with low vision.

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What are the challenges of blind people?

Dealing with sight loss, already, is a challenge in itself. The lack of emotional support at diagnosis centers, the limited accessibility to activities and information, the societal stigma and the lack of unemployment, are all factors frequently leading blind or low vision individuals in isolation.

What is blind navigation system?

Navigation assistance for visually impaired (NAVI) refers to systems that are able to assist or guide people with vision loss, ranging from partially sighted to totally blind, by means of sound commands. The main idea of the proposed system to make person aware of path he is walking and also the obstacle in the path.

Who created BlindSquare?

Ilkka Pirttimaa
Ilkka Pirttimaa is the founder of BlindSquare and hails from Helsinki, Finland. Competitors like Ariadne GPS and Seeing Eye GPS don’t have crowdsourced information like BlindSquare does.