What is the best season to visit Gangtok?

What is the best season to visit Gangtok?

If you want to witness the blooming natural beauty in Gangtok best season to visit would be in spring, from March to May….Best Season to Visit Sikkim.

Travel Months Min/Max Temperature Season
April to June 24°c to 45°c Summer
July to Sep 21°c to 35°c Monsoon
Oct to March 10°c to 27°c Winter

How long does it take to reach Darjeeling from Gangtok?

It takes about 4 hours to reach one place from the other by car. However, from Bagdogra/NJP, Gangtok takes around 4.5 hours by car and Darjeeling around 3 hours under normal traffic conditions. While you can visit either place first, there are some practical reasons to visit Gangtok first and then Darjeeling.

How long does it take to reach Darjeeling from Bagdogra/NJP?

It takes 3 hours to reach Darjeeling from Bagdogra/NJP by car under normal traffic conditions and about 4.5 hours to reach Gangtok. While you can practically visit any of the two at first, visiting Gangtok (Sikkim) has a few distinct advantages. This question comes only if you are arriving and leaving from Bagdogra or NJP.

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What to do in Gangtok in 4 days?

The main attractions to cover are Happy Valley Tea Estate, HMI & Zoo, Tibetan Self Help Refugee Center, Tenzing Rock, Ropeway (cable car), Rock Garden etc. Take your dinner at The Park – a great Thai & Chinese restaurant on Laden La Road. DAY4: Check out in the morning (by 8am), take a taxi from the stand and move to Gangtok (takes about 4 hours).

How to plan a day trip to darjjeeling?

To begin with the day tour, first visit the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute and the Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park, and get an insight of life and beauty in Darjjeeling. To note here, the latter remains closed on Thursdays!