Which is better V-Strom or Versys?

Which is better V-Strom or Versys?

The Suzuki’s V-twin motor churns out 70.7PS, while the Kawasaki’s parallel-twin powerplant is rated at 69PS. In terms of torque, the Kawasaki has a 2Nm advantage over the V-Strom, at 64Nm. However, while riding, it’s the Versys that feels peppier and snappier, courtesy the rev-happy motor.

Is Kawasaki Versys 650 an adventure bike?

The Kawasaki Versys is more of an Adventure “Styled” Bike than a true Adventure Bike. The bike has a comfortable upright riding position and stepped seat that works well for 2-up riding. The charismatic twin-cylinder engine offers good power and smooth operation on the highway.

How good is Versys 650?

At 218 kg, the Versys is pretty heavy and one can feel it while riding slow. Verdict: At Rs. 7,98,480/- (on-road, Mumbai), the Versys 650 is one of the most affordable middleweight touring bikes in India. This also makes it one of the most value-for-money mile-munchers in the market.

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Is the Versys 650 a good bike?

The Versys 650 is based squarely on the well-proven ER-6 platform, which as well as being an outstanding commuter bike and all-rounder, has also been the basis of countless race bikes in the Minitwins and Supertwins classes, proving reliable even when tuned to the max and revving far higher than in road form.

How good is the Kawasaki 650 Versys?

2021 Kawasaki Versys 650 LT Engine The Versys is fantastically fun for spurts between lights, commuting on freeways, or rambling around on winding pavement. This engine can really stretch across third, fourth, and fifth gears; sixth is only rarely needed on the freeways. The Versys 650 LT’s dyno chart.

Is the Versys 650 reliable?

What kind of bike is AV Strom?

Suzuki V-Strom 650

2005 V-Strom 650
Manufacturer Suzuki
Class Sport-touring
Engine 645 cc (39.4 cu in) four-stroke liquid-cooled 8V DOHC 90° V-twin
Bore / stroke 81.0 mm × 62.6 mm (3.19 in × 2.46 in)
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What type of bike is Versys 650?

A: Kawasaki Versys 650 is a Tourer bike that weighs 218 kg, has a 649 cc BS-VI engine and a fuel capacity of 21 litres.

Is the Versys 650 top heavy?

The 650 with a full tank of gas definitely feels top-heavy to me, and I’ve probably dropped it more times while trying new things than I would have a 300.