Why are Jae and sungjin not in DAY6?

Why are Jae and sungjin not in DAY6?

Members Jae and Sungjin went on a hiatus in 2020 due to anxiety symptoms. Sungjin took to VLIVE with his new buzz cut to inform his fans of the news while in the car on the way to the training location.

Why did sungjin take a break from DAY6?

Sungjin and fellow member Jae took a temporary hiatus following the project’s release due to health concerns. The remaining members – Young K, Wonpil and Dowoon – subsequently released the EP ‘The Book of Us: Gluon’ under the sub-unit Even Of Day.

Is Jae still with DAY6?

When asked if he would ever “go back” to Day6, Jae clarified that he was still a member of the band, and “always will be”. “Oh, I’m still in Day6,” the singer said.

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What is sungjin doing now?

DAY6’s Sungjin suddenly announced that he will be enlisting in the military today. On March 8, Sungjin held a V LIVE broadcast and revealed that he was on his way to the military training center where he would be begin his military service. He appeared with a buzz cut and named the broadcast, “Salute!!!”

Did sungjin go to military?

DAY6’s Sungjin went on to do his duty in the South Korean military as he enlisted on the 8th of March this year. He made sure to record everything for DAY6’s comeback before enlisting.

Did sungjin left DAY6?

in 2020, right before their comeback for ‘The Book of Us : The Demon”, Sungjin and Jae decided to be on hiatus because of health reasons, physically and mentally. They’re recovering and getting well now. You can catch Jae on his eaJ projects and he frequently streams on Twitch to play games and interact with fans.

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Where is sungjin now?

Sungjin of South Korean band Day6 has announced that he will be enlisting in the military. The musician, who is the leader of Day6, surprised fans earlier today (March 8) when he suddenly announced on South Korean broadcasting app V Live that he would be starting his mandatory military service on the same day.

Is Jae from DAY6 a soloist?

“Oh, I’m still in DAY6. Until the members of Day6 are ready, Jae will surely keep releasing music and continue dabbling in solo ventures and fans will continue to support him regardless of his decisions. Day6’s Jae has also announced that he will once again start streaming after almost a year of being absent on Twitch!

What happened to Park Sungjin of Day6?

As a Korean man, Park Sungjin or Sungjin has to enlist in the military. There was a sudden announcement that Sungjin, the guitarist of Day6, went to the military without any prior notice. Some fans are shocked, and even non-fans are shocked. Little did we know, Sungjin has “disappeared” from the public for almost a year.

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What did Jae from Day6 do that went too far?

Jae from Day6 is known for his hilarious tweets but this time it went too far in many people’s opinions: Before the whole incident, Jae posted something about it was a shame that some people could not understand sarcasm, and someone in the comments said that they were neurodivergent and couldn’t understand due to this fact.

What happened to BTS jae and Sungjin in 2020?

Jae and Sungjin took a hiatus in May 2020 to focus on their health. The Rock reveals the key to success for normal people. The big companies don’t want you to know his secrets. What happened to Jae from Day6 and the Twitter incident?

Did Day6’s Sungjin announce his military enlistment through VLive?

Sungjin from Korean rock band DAY6 has shocked fans by suddenly announcing his military enlistment through a VLIVE stream to his fans. Here’s everything you missed from his livestream such as when he will return.