Why does Jem break Scouts baton?

Why does Jem break Scouts baton?

In To Kill A Mockingbird, why did Jem break Scout’s baton after destroying Mrs Dubose’s Camellias? – Quora. Jem had been told not to respond to to anyone who provoked him that difficult summer. He heard much more and dealt with more than Scout did because he was older than Scout.

Why does Jem destroy Mrs Dubose’s camellias and what is his punishment?

Jem destroys Mrs. Dubose’s flowers because he is angry that she called his father names and he was punished by having to read to her. When Jem attacked Mrs. Dubose’s flowers, he was reacting to her racism and the town’s.

Why did Jem break Mrs Dubose’s camellias?

Jem takes a baton from Scout and destroys all of Mrs. Dubose’s camellia bushes. Atticus reveals to Jem that she was addicted to morphine and that the reading was part of her successful effort to combat this addiction. Atticus gives Jem a box that Mrs.

What happened to Scout’s baton?

Suddenly Jem took Scout’s baton and ran into Mrs. Dubose’s yard. Using the baton as a machete, he snapped the tops off of every camellia bush in her front yard and then, when he was finished, he bent the baton over his knee and left it amidst the litter of leaves and blossoms that covered the yard.

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What of Scout’s does Jem break in two?

Jem breaks the code of childhood by acting responsibly. Dill had run away from home, and was hiding under Scout’s bed. She goes to get Jem and when he discovers Dill, he knows that it is not something he can keep a secret. He shocks Scout by going and telling his father what had happened.

What did Jem do?

Jem is a natural leader. His creative and resourceful nature is brought out in the games he plays with Dill and Scout. Jem’s maturity is charted in the novel, for instance when he tells Atticus about Dill having run away. Jem is a mirror of Atticus, even in his ambition to become a lawyer to bring about change.

What did Atticus explain to Jem after Mrs Dubose’s death?

Atticus says this to Jem after the death of Mrs. Dubose, the woman to whom Jem has been reading aloud for the past month. Atticus reveals that Mrs. Dubose was addicted to painkillers but was determined to overcome her addiction before dying; he made Jem read to her as a distraction from her pain.

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What is Jem’s punishment did it fit his crime?

What was Jem’s punishment? Did it fit his crime? His punishment was to read to Mrs. Dubose for two hours everyday for a month.

What did Jem do to Mrs Dubose’s yard?

Did Jem buy Scout a baton?

At the store, Jem purchases a toy steam engine for himself and buys Scout a baton from Elmore’s. On their trip back home, Jem takes Scout’s baton and destroys Mrs. Dubose’s camellia bush. Jem then bends Scout’s baton over his knee until it snaps in two.

Why did Scout and Jem go to the store?

Scout wants to become a baton twirler someday when she is a high school student. She had been practicing her baton twirling skills with random sticks she could find. She thinks her brother to be kind and generous to buy her a real baton so that she can practice properly. Jem purchases it for her and she is delighted.

How does Jem respond to Mrs Dubose’s?

When Jem cuts the heads off the camellias, he is responding to the insults Mrs. Dubose she has delivered against his father and the Finch family. He cannot attack her, so he does the next best thing: he goes after her prized flowers. The camellias are a stand-in for the old lady herself.

What happened to Jem after he took Scout’s Baton?

After taking Scout to the store to buy her a new baton, Jem took the baton and returned to Mrs. Dubose’s back yard, where he destroyed all of her camellia bushes. When Atticus found out, he directed Jem to go and have a talk with Mrs. Dubose. Jem came home with bad news.

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What does Jem do in Chapter 11 of to kill a Mockingbird?

In Chapter 11, what does Jem do and why? As Scout and Jem are returning home from town one day Jim does something to the shock and astonishment of scout On their way to meet Atticus after work, Scout and Jem have to pass by Mrs. Dubose’s house. Mrs.

Why does scout get upset when Jem destroys Mrs Dubose’s flowers?

Scout gets upset… Jem destroys Mrs. Dubose’s flowers because he is angry that she called his father names and he was punished by having to read to her. When Jem attacked Mrs. Dubose’s flowers, he was reacting to her racism and the town’s. Most people did not approve of his father defending a black man.

What did Jem do to Mrs Dubose’s camellias?

In Harper Lee ‘s To Kill a Mockingbird, Jem and Scout pass Mrs. Dubose’ house one day, and the old woman insults Atticus. Passing by her home again later—when no one is on the porch—Jem destroys all of the buds and blooms on Mrs. Dubose’s prized camellias.