Are Lodha flats good?

Are Lodha flats good?

Lodha group is the best companie and it is very popular but, its rate is very high it good for people because it provides all the facilities like school, moll, etc.

Is Lodha Crown Majiwada a good investment?

Lodha Crown has apartments with a 1 ,2 bhk configuration. these apartments start at a base price of 46 Lacs and are developed within an area of 317 sqft. providing access to major highways, schools, markets, hospitals, etc., Lodha Crown is a great investment for your next home.

Is Lodha Palava a good investment Quora?

Yes it is absolutely feasible. I am staying in PALAVA for more than 6 months, before that I was staying in Ghansoli in a very small PG. It was near to my office ( AIROLI) but I was not happy because in a small 1 bhk almost 6 people were staying. Yes it is absolutely feasible.

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Is Lodha group good?

The company is well professional. Nice place to work for any professional. There is professional and personal life balance. The company have good potential to grow in upcoming future.My best wishes.

Is Lodha upper Thane a good investment?

Upper Thane will be the best-emerging investment location in Thane. This locality is hosting world-class Schools, Hospitals, Malls, Commercial office spaces etc. It is easily accessible from Eastern Express Highway and very near to Thane Railway Station providing easy accessibility to the Central Suburbs.

Is Palava City good for living?

Spread over 4500 acres, Palava City is a truly integrated development that follows the live, work, learn, play philosophy with everything being a short walking distance away. Currently, home to over 1 lakh residents, it is poised to be among the top 50 most liveable cities in the world.

Is Palava City on lease?

Lodha in Mumbai is building a huge project in Mumbai called Palava City. As part of phase 2, Lodha is leasing the land to its subsidiary Lodha Hi-Rise for 99 years. In the terms, Lodha clearly states that after 99 years, the subsidiary (or the association) will be paying 50\% of the market land rate for extending.

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Who is owner of Lodha Group?

Mangal Prabhat Lodha
Lodha Group or Macrotech Developers (formerly known as Lodha Developers) is an Indian real estate company with its headquarters in Mumbai, India. It was founded in 1980 by Mangal Prabhat Lodha….Lodha Group.

Formerly Lodha Developers
Founded 1980
Founder Mangal Lodha
Area served Worldwide
Key people Abhishek Lodha (CEO & MD)

Why do u want to join Lodha?

A stimulating work environment, rich and diverse exposure and an inspiring leadership are few reasons that make Lodha Group a great place to work. The workplace provides multiple opportunities to the associates to learn and improve on their knowledge and skills as they work towards meeting their targets.

Who is Rajendra Lodha?

Rajendra Singh Lodha (died 3 October 2008), popularly known as R. S. Lodha, was an Indian chartered accountant and the chairman of the Birla Corporation. Lodha became co-chairman of the Birla Corporation in 2001.

Who is the owner of Lodha builder?

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It was founded in 1980 by Mangal Prabhat Lodha. It has developed residential and commercial properties in Mumbai, Thane, Hyderabad, Pune and London….Lodha Group.

Formerly Lodha Developers
Founder Mangal Lodha
Area served Worldwide
Key people Abhishek Lodha (CEO & MD)
Products Residential, Commercial