How do you clean your eyes after pterygium surgery?

How do you clean your eyes after pterygium surgery?

You can take showers as normal, but avoid getting shampoo, soap, or water in your eye. You can resume cardiovascular activity two weeks after surgery. You can watch T.V. and read immediately after surgery. WHAT IS A PTERYGIUM?

How long is vision blurry after pterygium surgery?

The vision may be blurry for several weeks after surgery due to a change in the shape of the cornea after surgery and a change in the prescription of the eye. This may settle on its own, but may require a change in your glasses.

How do you prevent pterygium recurrence?

Fonseca et al suggested that bare sclera excision + β therapy 25 Gy in single dose, bare sclera technique + mitomycin C 0.02\%, and conjunctival autograft + cyclosporine 0.05\% eye drops are the best strategies to prevent recurrence after pterygium surgery.

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How do you recover from pterygium surgery?

Full recovery can take several weeks to about a month. Patients are also instructed to use antibiotic and steroid drops for the first 1-2 months to prevent infection, reduce inflammation, and reduce the risk of occurrence.

Will vision improve after pterygium surgery?

My vision improved immediately. They say the pterygium pressure can stretch the eyeball, causing astigmatism. I suppose it’s possible that the pressure was already relieved just a day after surgery, but I was pretty shocked to have improved my vision so quickly. Within two weeks, my vision went from 20/30 to 20/20.

How long does a pterygium take to heal?

You will need to avoid strenuous activity for approximately one week following your surgery. Recovery times vary between patients. Usually complete healing has been accomplished in one month’s time if there are no complications.

What is the best eye drops for pterygium?

You can treat the irritation and redness caused by a pterygium or pinguecula with simple eye drops, such as Systane Plus or Blink lubricants. If you suffer from inflammation, a course of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drops (e.g. Acular, Voltaren Ophtha) may help.

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Can I exercise after pterygium surgery?

When can I resume regular exercise or play sports after pterygium surgery? You should plan to take it easy and not work out or play sports for a week. Aerobic and other exercise programs are not allowed for at least two weeks to decrease the risks of bleeding, swelling and bruising.

What eye drops are good for pterygium?

Does pterygium surgery improve vision?

Does pterygium surgery affect vision?

Surgery is also done when a pterygium causes a loss of vision or a condition called astigmatism, which can result in blurry vision. You can also discuss surgical procedures with your doctor if you want the pterygium removed for cosmetic reasons. There are a couple of risks associated with these operations.

How do you take care of your eyes after pterygium surgery?

POST OPERATIVE CARE FOR PTERYGIUM SURGERY DO’S PLEASE LEAVE YOUR EYE PAD ON UNTIL THE MORNING FOLLOWING SURGERY Use eye drops as directed – See below instructions. Do not drive with your eye pad on. Wear sunglasses – You will be extremely sensitive to glare for 4-6 weeks following surgery.

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How long does it take to recover from pterygium removal surgery?

After pterygium removal surgery, it takes at least a month for your eye to look normal and healthy again. But you should be able to see well within a day or two after the pterygium is removed from your eye.

What are the risks of pterygium surgery?

Pterygium 1 WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Pterygium is a growth over a section of your eye… 2 DISCHARGE INSTRUCTIONS: 3 Risks: Surgery may cause swelling, irritation, or infection. 4 Medicines: Lubricating eye drops help moisten and soothe your eyes. 5 Follow up with your ophthalmologist as directed: Write down your questions so you remember…

What should I do if my pterygium is too big?

A pterygium that grows too large can affect your vision. The following medicines may be ordered for you: Lubricating eye drops help moisten and soothe your eyes. Steroidal eye drops help reduce swelling and irritation. Take your medicine as directed.