Is Yamato going to join the straw hats?

Is Yamato going to join the straw hats?

It is clearly implied in the Manga that Yamato (VA: SAORI HAYAMI) is 100\% joins Straw Hats. In chapter 984 where her face and gender revealed, she wants to fight alongside Luffy.

Does Yamato like Luffy?

Although Luffy was initially hostile, he quickly came to trust Yamato and accepted her as an ally. She sees Luffy as her chance to sail the world like her hero, Kozuki Oden, had also done and believes that Luffy is destined to, not only liberate Wano, but to change the world as foretold by Oden in his journal.

What happens if Yamato joins straw hat?

But if by any chance yamato joins straw hats she will be only a henchman of luffy .

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Is Pudding going to join the straw hats?

With this information Pudding is definitely a viable crew member. In the end of chapter 896 we see that Pudding had developed true feelings for sanji. She finally accepts him.

Why does Yamato join Luffy’s crew?

Luffy had just been rescued by the Heart Pirates after being knocked into the ocean after his own battle with Kaido, but he intends to return for a rematch. Originally, Yamato wanted to sail with Ace but wasn’t able to, so he waited for Luffy to make his way to Onigashima to try and join his crew instead.

Who is Yamato One Piece?

Yamato, also known as Oni Princess, is a major character of One Piece who first appeared in the Wano Country Arc. She is the daughter of one of the Four Emperors of the Sea, Kaido who holds many epithets.

What chapter does Yamato talk to Luffy?

As a result, as soon as Luffy conducted the raid on Onigashima, Yamato reached out to him and told him of her plans (One Piece Manga: Chapter 983). Luffy initially did not trust her since she was Kaidou’s soon but similar to Momonosuke, he also came to terms with her.

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Will Yamato become oden or Luffy as Yamato?

Infact, Luffy is a type of person who believes in being your own self. So I can see him motivating Yamato to be herself rather than become Oden. Yamato asked Luffy to let her join the crew as Oden, Luffy will ask Yamato to join the crew as Yamato. One thing is certain, Yamato WILL be either a crewmate or an ally.

Are more characters going to join the straw hat Grand Fleet?

All seven members are rather well-known throughout the One Piece world. However, there has been a lot of theorizing that more characters are gonna join the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. Back at Marineford, Mihawk said Luffy’s greatest asset is his power to attract people to join him.

Does yuyamato understand Luffy’s use of nicknames?

Yamato appears to not understand Luffy’s use of nicknames, as evidenced by the attempt to correct Luffy with the former’s actual name, as well as Ulti ‘s name when Luffy gives her a nickname as well.

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How did Ace and Yamato become friends?

Yamato met the pirate, Ace a few years ago and was initially antagonistic towards him due to his excessive rampage on Onigashima. The two quickly became friends, however, after Ace recognized that Yamato was being held captive by Kaidou.