Can asthma patients go to Gurudongmar Lake?

Can asthma patients go to Gurudongmar Lake?

I would not suggest gurudongmar lake and zero point for asthmatic patient. People generally complain about breathing trouble at such high altitude and it will definitely not be comfortable for people with asthma to be there. I would suggest you to go to lachung and visit yumthung valley.

What months are bad for asthma?

Every September, asthma hospitalizations rise. Doctors see more people with asthma episodes and attacks. The third week of the month is the worst. It is called the September Asthma Epidemic or Asthma Peak Week.

What causes asthma in Bangalore?

However, it has been observed over the years that the most common triggers for asthma in the city are allergens like dust mites and pollen grains. But when this gets mixed with the city’s polluted air it gives rise to a deadly mix of toxic gases (can also be called – toxicocktail).

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What is the best climate for asthma?

A small study suggests that the best room temperature for people with asthma is between 68 and 71°F (20 and 21.6°C). This air temperature is mild, so it won’t irritate the airways. Additionally, an indoor humidity level between 30 and 50 percent is ideal.

Why Bangalore is not good for asthmatics?

Like always, the city has witnessed a spurt in the number of people suffering from asthma. Experts blame the outburst of grass weed pollen in the city. According to them, it begins by November and peaks in January. Respirable pollens float in the air and cause an adverse reaction in the lungs.

Is AC good for asthma?

Although air conditioning does not filter the air, it helps people with asthma because doors and windows are kept shut, which helps keep pollens and other outdoor irritants and allergens out of the home. A sudden shift in temperature from warm to cold can also an asthma attack.

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What country has the lowest rate of asthma?

Countries with the highest prevalence of clinical asthma were Australia (21.5\%), Sweden (20.2\%), UK (18.2\%), Netherlands (15.3\%) and Brazil (13.0\%); however, the US and Canada were excluded [21]. The lowest rates were observed in Vietnam (1.0\%), Bosnia-Herzegovina (1.4\%), and China (1.4\%) [21].

How to reach Nathula Pass in Sikkim?

The Nathula Pass height is 4310m. Nathula Pass is located 54 km east of Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim. The only way to reach the pass is through a drive from Gangtok. Only SUV vehicles are allowed to be driven to Nathula Pass. Sturdy vehicles such as Innova, Bolero, and Scorpio are available for rent in Gangtok.

When is the Nathula Pass open in Gangtok?

Nathula Pass in Gangtok is open for tourists from Wednesday to Sunday. Tourists traveling to Nathula Pass need to carry a valid permit from the Tourism and Civil Aviation Department. Only Indian tourists are allowed to visit the Nathula Pass with a permit and no foreign tourists will be allowed to enter the Nathula Pass.

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How much does it cost to visit Nathula Pass?

The Nathula Pass permit cost is INR 200/- per person. Nathula Pass weather: The Nathula Pass temperature drops as low as -25 ° C during winters. The minimum temperature during the summer months is approximately 10 ° C. June to September is the off-season because of the monsoon and the looming threat of landslides.

What is the altitude of Gangtok pass?

It is located at an altitude of 14,450 feet and 56 km from Gangtok and it is one of the three open trading borders between India and China. The adventurous pass is accessible from Gangtok throughout the year.