Can kids travel to Sikkim?

Can kids travel to Sikkim?

Dear asish da, Will you please help me to make 6-7 days itinerary for Sikkim trip in December. We want to add west Sikkim and south Sikkim without missing Gangtok and along with the view of Himalaya want to enjoy snow as well. Will it be advisable to go to North Sikkim with 2 y/o kid?

Can children go to Nathula Pass?

For Nathula the government issues permits only to kids who are above 5 years of age. The altitude is 14400 fts and people prone to altitude sickness due to thin air level.

Is Gurudongmar Lake safe for kids?

6 May-Full day trip to Changu Lake, Baba Mandir, Nathula pass. Hello, children below 5 are not allowed in Gurudongmar and you should not attempt that with your younger son. In fact it is not advisable to go there with children below 8 years. You might get snow there in May but not always.

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Is it safe to travel to North Sikkim?

Hi, Lachen/Lachung will open for tourists after 30th November 2020, so the first week of December should be okay to visit the places, but it can be extremely cold. There are no safety issues as such, however, you should always go through a reputed tour operator of Sikkim and stay in good hotels.

Is Gangtok safe for infants?

It is perfectly safe. Gangtok is a nice urbanised area – with almost everything that you would have in your home city. Ensure you avoid North Sikkim (Gurudongmar, Yumthung valley) and Nathula pass where altitude related problems are theoretically likely to occur.

Where is nathula located?

Nathu La (Tibetan: རྣ་ཐོས་ལ་, Wylie: Rna thos la, THL: Na tö la) is a mountain pass in the Dongkya Range of the Himalayas between China’s Yadong County in Tibet, and the Indian states of Sikkim and West Bengal in Bengal, South Asia.

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Do you need permit to visit Sikkim?

And therefore all foreign nationals require Restricted Area Permit (RAP) to visit any part of Sikkim including Gangtok. This permit is also popularly known as Inner Line Permit (ILP). Indians however do not require this.

Can I visit North Sikkim now?

Tourists Can Now Visit Yumthang Valley in Lachung Village of Sikkim. Lachung Dzumsa, a local body that controls tourism activities in the North Sikkim village, welcomed the decision and said that strict adherence to COVID guidelines will be ensured.

Is Darjeeling safe for infants?

It is absolutly safe for child to visit darjeeling. Temperature would be ideal in day time and little colder in night.

How can I reach Nathu?

Nathula Pass is located 54 km east of Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim. The only way to reach the pass is through a drive from Gangtok. Only SUV vehicles are allowed to be driven to Nathula Pass. Sturdy vehicles such as Innova, Bolero, and Scorpio are available for rent in Gangtok.