Can you quit the Royal Air Force?

Can you quit the Royal Air Force?

In short, no. You can leave the RAF, just like any job. However, it depends on how long you’ve served as to how much notice you will have to give. You can leave within the first six months, but you must give 14 days’ notice in writing, and it’s subject to the requirement to complete 28 days service.

Is the RAF a good career choice?

‘ The RAF provide some of the best training you will ever receive, both in leadership and management but also in the ability to make sound engineering decisions even when under pressure. It’s one of the most fun jobs around in engineering, where the phrase ‘work hard, play hard’ really comes to mind.

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Will the RAF teach me to fly?

Don’t worry about the cost of training; in the RAF, applicants who are selected for pilot training are paid to learn how to fly. If you succeed at becoming an RAF pilot, keep up the hard work throughout your term of service. Promotions to higher ranks are awarded based on merit.

How long do you have to serve in the Royal Air Force?

12 years
You will join the RAF on an Initial Commission of 12 years and will be selected to serve on a pension earning commission of 20 years’ service or to age 40, whichever is the later, on completion of your first Operational Conversion course.

What is life really like in the RAF?

You work normal five-day weeks and have evenings and weekends to yourself. That said, regulars are not nine-to-fivers; they do what’s needed to get the job done, which could mean working round the clock, going on a mission at a moment’s notice, or transferring to a new location.

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Do you work weekends in the Air Force?

Yes, some jobs in the Air Force will allow you with a normal schedule with weekends off every week. Office workers in the Air Force are more likely to work sociable hours and be granted two days off on the weekend whereas Airmen and people out on mission may work all weekend and have one day off in the week.

Is joining the RAF hard?

Failure to Complete RAF Initial Training. At every RAF Initial Training course, there are a certain percentage of recruits who do not achieve the desired results and fail to graduate. Basic training is hard with 10 weeks of rigorous mental and physical stress.