How can I become JCO in Indian Army direct entry?

How can I become JCO in Indian Army direct entry?

The procedure for selection of DE JCOs will be as under:

  1. Selection to be done through examinations/ tests by UPSC, JCOs being Gazetted Group B equivalent officers.
  2. Minimum education qualification – Graduate.
  3. Age – Maximum up to 25 years.
  4. Candidates undergo CDS written examination and SSB interview.

How can I join Army as a Subedar?

As Junior Commissioned Officers Minimum 03 years embodied service +07 ATCs for JCOs of Territorial Army. – Should be below 50 years of age for Naib Subedar and Subedar and below 52 years of age for Subedar Major. – Should possess Army Third Class English and Army First Class Certificate of Education or Matriculation.

Is Naib Subedar a JCO?

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In the infantry, all JCO ranks have the word subedar in them, whereas the cavalry equivalent is risaldar. The JCO ranks in the Indian Army and the Pakistan Army (from highest to lowest) are: Subedar Major/Risaldar Major. Naib Subedar/Naib Risaldar.

How can I get direct JCO entry in Indian Army?

Direct JCO entry in Indian Army is possible in two ways. One is Religious Teacher and another one is JCO – Catering. For Religious Teacher entry you must be a graduate and must have knowledge about a certain religion. For JCO -Catering entry you must have a diploma in hotel management.

How to become a Junior Commissioned Officer (JCO)?

There are 2 papers to clear to be an eligible Junior Commissioned Officers (JCO). Paper 1 is common and is a qualifying exam only. Candidates need to score a minimum of 40\% in paper 1 to be assessed for paper 2. Candidates can check the exam pattern from below:

What is the rank of a JCO in the Army?

JCOs are usually assigned as platoon commanders (a platoon comprises of around 3-4 sections, i.e around 30-40 soldiers) and they undergo a specific course for platoon commanders. The juniormost JCO is a Naib-Subedar, who wears one star on his shoulder with a red and yellow band.

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How many JCOs can a unit have with 14 officers?

The proposal states that four direct entry JCOs will be authorised to a unit having 14 officers, five to those with upto 19, and six to units with 20 or more officers. The proposal is likely to be presented during the Army Commanders Conference which is likely to be held later this month.