How can I prepare for Infosys technical round?

How can I prepare for Infosys technical round?

3. How should I prepare for Infosys technical interview?

  1. The majority of the questions will be asked on programming languages like C, C++, or Java.
  2. One more aspect is Data Structure and Algorithms, in which you need to have a basic understanding of Data Structure concepts like a stack, linked list, queue, etc.

What should I know about TCS interview?

After passing the NQT Round, you will be eligible for the TCS NINJA Technical Interview….Interview round 1: TCS NQT.

Numerical Ability 20-30 Questions
Verbal 20-25 Questions
Reasoning Ability 25-35 Questions
Programming logic 5-15 Questions
Coding 1-2 Questions

How do you clear a technical round?

These are their main insights:

  1. Talk Out Your Reasoning and Problem Solving Process.
  2. Solve a Problem in a Technical Interview not once, but twice.
  3. Don’t Be Afraid to Share Your Opinions, When Applicable.
  4. Never End an Answer With “I Don’t Know”
  5. Always Play for the Team.
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What are some of the mainframes interview questions asked in interview?

Here are some of the Mainframes interview questions asked in one of the recent interview. 1. Below is the piece of code and what will be the output? WORKING-STORAGE SECTION. 01 SUB-SCR PIC 9 (01). 01 STD. 02 MARKS PIC 9 (3) OCCURS 3 TIMES. PROCEDURE DIVISION. MOVE 1 TO SUB-SCR. END-PERFORM.

How do I crack a technical interview?

Some tips to crack technical interview. Irrespective of your technical role, be very strong in the basics of the programming language. Be ready to say NO I don’t know. Interviewers are not gauging you with the correct answers that you provided. They are gauging you based on how open you are to learn new areas. Be concise on the answers.

How much time allotted in TCS interview for technical round?

The time allotted is 10 minutes. Technical round of TCS Interview contains questions subjected to test the Subjective knowledge of the candidate. This round contains questions based on Data structures and Algorithms, DBMS, Operating System, Networking, OOPs concepts and a programming language of your choice.

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What are some common mistakes programmers make during a job interview?

Based on my experience in interviewing people for technical role, during the interview, lot of programmers do basic mistakes which made me not to select the person. Some common mistakes which I encountered during technical rounds are Usage of jargon to make our prospect desirable. Beating the bush for a question which they cannot answer.