How fast was a ww2 torpedo?

How fast was a ww2 torpedo?

“The torpedoes used in World War II were usually 20 to 24 ft (6.1–7.3 m) long, carrying up to 600 lb (272 kg) of explosives at a speed of 50 knots for more than 10,000 yd (9,144 m).” Torpedoes. U-boat Net.

How fast could a ww2 destroyer go?

The destroyers could produce up to 81,000shp, enough to propel the ships to speeds of 45 knots. This not only made them the fastest destroyers of World War II, but the fastest destroyers of all time!

How did German U-boat technology change during WWII?

But by WWII, the communication technology was more developed and Karl Dönitz believed THAT would be a game changer. The U-Boats now had better, stronger radios and the antennas operating on the shores of France enabled the shore commanders to communicate with those at sea.

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How did the German U-boats attack the USS Maine?

The Germans had already tried the “wolf packs” method during WWI: several U-Boats would congregate around a convoy of commercial ships and attack all of them at once. Such an orchestrated attack would throw the convoy and its armed escort vessels into panic and confusion, as lethal torpedoes sped toward the ships from every direction.

Why were aircraft carriers so effective in WW2?

The broad flight decks of the carriers were perfect targets for the American pilots whose aircraft, training, and combat tactics had prepared them for precisely this type of attack. Dive bombing had been developed by the U.S. Navy in the 1930s, and in 1942 it was the most accurate form of air attack.

Why did Germany stop using dive bombers in WW2?

The vulnerability of dive bombers after releasing their weapons was a major reason why the Germans abandoned dive bombing attacks against land targets whenever enemy fighters were present. By mid-1942, a German dive bombers’ life expectancy in combat had fallen to less than five days.