How is ACPM Medical college quora?

How is ACPM Medical college quora?

An undoubtedly good college, it receives much of its funding from the government, so in a real sense it isn’t exactly a private medical college. Fees are low (less than 2 lakh/year, not sure of the exact amount) and competition to get in is high.

Is ACPM a government college?

ACPM Medical College

Type Medical Education and Research institute
Established 1990
Dean Dr Vijay Patil
Management Jawahar Medical Foundation
Administrative staff 160

Do medical colleges provide placements?

As far as I am concerned there are no such remarkable placements in mbbs colleges,as an intern ,as an assistant you can gain experience as much as you can and then you can find a job easily to shape up your capabilities.

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Does MBBS students get placement?

There are good job and career opportunities for the students after getting the degree in medical as a doctor. It is the professional field with 100\% job placement. An MBBS graduate may go for the PG degree programmes leading to the Domain M.D (Doctor of Medicine) or M.S (Master of Surgery) or M.Sc (Medical) etc.

What are the other courses offered by ACPM?

Ans. ACPM is a medical college and provides courses in the medical field and thus it does not offer any other courses apart from programmes in the medical field. Ques. Which courses are the most in-demand at this college?

Why choose the ACPM Medical College?

JMF’s ACPM Medical college is devoted to developing human resources that can bring hope and relief to those suffering from ailments and illnesses, entails the cultivation of broad perspectives, profound knowledge, and advanced technology.

What is the fee for ACPM Medical College Dhule 2020?

In 2020 the cut off may change depending on various factors like number of vacant seats, previous year cut off, highest marks, number of candidates appeared etc.The fee in this college is 24.49 lakhs according to previous year data. Have a question related to ACPM Medical College, Dhule?

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How is ACPM Medical College Nashik for MBBS?

ACPM Medical College is affiliated to Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik. It provides UG, PG and PG Diploma courses. Under the UG domain, it offers MBBS and under PG domain it offers MS and MD programs. The College also offers PG Diploma in 2 specializations.