How many bomber pilots died in ww2?

How many bomber pilots died in ww2?

Bomber Command aircrews suffered a high casualty rate: of a total of 125,000 aircrew, 57,205 were killed (a 46 percent death rate), a further 8,403 were wounded in action and 9,838 became prisoners of war. Therefore, a total of 75,446 airmen (60 percent of operational airmen) were killed, wounded or taken prisoner.

How many Lancaster bombers lost in ww2?

The Lancaster conducted a total of 156,000 sorties and dropped 608,612 long tons (618,378 tonnes) of bombs between 1942 and 1945. Only 35 Lancasters completed more than 100 successful operations each, and 3,249 were lost in action.

How many Lancasters are left?

About the Lancaster The Avro Lancaster is the most famous and successful RAF heavy bomber of World War Two. There are only two airworthy Lancasters left in the world – 7,377 were built. Lancaster PA474 was built at the Vickers Armstrong Broughton factory at Hawarden Airfield, Chester on 31 May 1945, just after VE day.

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What were the results of bombing raids in WW2?

The results of bombing raids were highly successful which gave rise to new ingenuities within aircraft. The Allies were pioneers of Strategic Bombing, and most raids were carried out by them with high precision that left the Germans running for cover on several occasions.

Who exaggerated how many planes they shot down in WW2?

Discussion in ‘ Aircraft ‘ started by Justin Smith, Aug 29, 2012 . 5 All air forces in WWII exaggerated how many planes they shot down but from memory the defensive air gunners on bombers were the most inaccurate in their estimates of how many planes they`d destroyed.

What was the first heavy bomber in the world?

B-17 Flying Fortress (American) This was the world’s first 4-engine long range heavy bomber and was developed during the 1930s by Boeing for the United States Army Air Forces. The initial contract was for 200 bombers which was later renewed as war kicked off.

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What were the different types of bombers in WW2?

By the time WWII kicked off, the war industry had greatly developed itself and had procured the ability to strike at high accuracy. There were all types of bombers now, the most notable ones being dive bombers, light/medium/heavy bombers, torpedo bombers and night bombers.